Randhir Kapoor: I keep asking my wealthy daughters to adopt me

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Randhir Kapoor, the old guard of RK Films and father of two of Bollywood's most successful heroines, Karisma and Kareena , turns 70 on February 15. The actor-filmmaker on his life in semi-retirement:
People want to know whether I'm throwing a party to trumpet my old age. Well, the answer is, yes, but rather than a big bash it'll be an intimate gathering of family and a few close friends. Babita, who is still my wife, and my daughters, Karisma and Kareen, will look after my guests. They are still my family. I have three lovely grandchildren too. Taimur (Kareena's son Taimur Ali Khan) will barely be two months old then but I'm hoping the other two, Samaira and Kiaan (Karisma's children), can come to my party for a little while. But it's a school day, so they may not be able to attend.
I still lead a happy-go-lucky life but I'm also growing old gracefully now. Half a bottle of Black Label and some good food at night are my only requirements
You don't look 70...?
I can't take credit for that, it's thanks to my parent's genes. I've led a happy life and I'm semi retired now. I have no regrets, no bitterness. I still have the same set of friends, the same set of girl friends, and the same set of people I meet. (Chuckles) I'm quite a boring guy really.
Why do you say that?
Well, I still have just one wife (Babita) and two daughters (Karisma and Kareena). Nothing around me has changed in all these years. The only thing that has is that I don't live with them anymore.
The girls are married and have their own homes. And Babita is in a happy space by herself. She's not got married again and nor does she intend to, neither do I. She continues to be my wife and I continue to be her incorrigible, horrible husband. So be it!
Your brother has just written a book, heard there is going to be one on you too?
A book on me? What for? My life has always been an open book and it's not such an eventful life. I don't want to write or commission a book which no one will read.
Is it true that you declined an offer to make a biopic on your father?
Yes, I did. Nargis and Vyjayanthimala will be principal players in the biopic, there will be so many other ups and downs. Everyone is happy in their own lives, their children are our friends, why should we step on anyone's toes? We do not wish to make money doing something like this.
You are the old guard of RK Films? Why haven't you kept the wheels churning?
Yes, we three brothers (Rishi, Rajeev and he) are guilty on that count. If we couldn't direct films under our banner, we should have at least hired outside directors to make films for RK. This year, I'm hoping to get back to film-making. I'd like some of the new, young filmmakers to direct for RK banner.
One has often seen you watching a film alone...?
I like going to the movies with my friends or my brother Chintu (Rishi Kapoor). If they cannot make it, I'm happy watching on my own, eating my popcorn. No one bothers me in the theater for an autograph, I haven't signed one in years. Sometimes people want to take selfies with me but that's about it!
Aren't you lonely at times?
I am, but I now have a routine to try and beat the boredom and loneliness. I spend a few hours at RK Studios every day, then, drive to Bandra to spend time with my grandchildren. After that I'm at the Otters Club and only a couple from my friend's circle is from the film world. We crack jokes, many on ourselves, and drink. We pay our own bills before going home for dinner.
You cannot cry about your life at the club which we call the penalty corner. You are not allowed to do anything except talk about girls, crack dirty jokes, laugh till your stomach hurts and you forget your woes. The idea is to leave your woes behind for a few hours every evening. Tomorrow is another day.
That's a wonderful way of looking at life...
I truly believe 'ki iss zindagi mein ek muthi aasman meri bhi thi'. That thought keeps me going. I've played my innings, have hit a couple of centuries and some sixes and fours. I'm content being semi retired. I work in films when I want to and if I like the role. I don't owe anyone anything anymore.
My children are settled. In fact, both my daughters are wealthier than I am and I keep asking them to adopt me as their father, so that I can also be rich. I still meet Babita for dinner sometimes, we eat and laugh. That is the way we are.
Your brother, Rishi, and you are so close. Why doesn't he join you at the club for your evening sessions? He is a busy guy and even if he is free, he will not come to the club because he doesn't have the patience to listen to others. He is a center stage kind of guy who will not laugh at himself or like it if others do. But in our penalty corner, we crack the maximum jokes at ourselves.
I feel bad that I don't own a plane and genuinely distressed that the Ambani's are richer than I am, that Shah Rukh, Aamir and Salman Khan are more successful than me. But I don't sulk about it.
They are good and that is why they are successful. I've got what I was destined for. I joke that I was the best Actor to play the older, fatter Mahavir Singh Phogat in Dangal but they didn't take me because I didn't suit the younger version.But hey, the old man could have been a fat frump like me and Aamir could have played him when he was younger. (Laughs) I wonder why the thought didn't cross their minds.
Your brother tweeted that Aamir is the modern-day Raj Kapoor . Do you agree? I think Chintu is right. Aamir is a complete filmmaker like our father.
After the debacle of 'Mera Naam Joker', Raj Kapoor made a movie with rank newcomers (Rishi and Dimple Kapadia) called 'Bobby' and it was a super-hit. That needs guts and conviction. And it's creditable that Aamir has a lot of conviction too. He does not need Deepika Padukone and Kareena Kapoor to enhance Dangal, he can pull off a film with rank newcomers.
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