Velaikkaran movie review: Siva Karthikeyan and Fahadh Faasil own this idealistic but relevant social drama

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Here's our review of Velaikkaran starring Sivakarthikeyan, Nayanthara and Fahadh Faasil.

Velaikkaran was long awaited since it was Siva Karthikeyan’s first film after the super hit, Remo. After playing a female nurse in the rom-com, he was set take on a powerful character in his next. No wonder, the curiosity around Velaikkaran was high. What would Siva Karthikeyan pull off this time? Joining him were the equally talented and more experienced actors – Nayanthara and fahadh faasil. The fact that it was a Mohan Raja direction was the icing on the cake! The movie has finally hit theatres today, worldwide. Has Siva Karthikeyan impressed yet again? Read on to find out…

What’s it about
Aruvi is a a righteous, idealistic man who has grown up in the slums. Via a community radio, he hopes to sensitise slum dwellers to a better world out there. But this community radio business leads him to the discovery of a grave problem of food adulteration. That’s when Aruvi realises he has a bigger battle to fight! Does he manage to fight it and emerge triumphant? Well, you will have to watch the film to find out.

What’s hot
Let’s start with the story. The plot is entertaining right from the word go. The concept of a community radio instantly catches your attention and soon after the film effortlessly moves onto a bigger, social problem. The film has tackled a relevant social problem, that of food adulteration. Although the film can seem idealistic at certain instances, it is hard-hitting nonetheless.  What’s most unique about the story is that it throws light on a class of people that are usually take for granted – workers that isVelaikkaran and the impact they can have on the society. The concept of marketing is cleverly projected in the film. Apart from entertaining the crowds, there’s also much to learn. Coming to screenplay, the dialogue is relevant, impactful and witty. As for the actors – Sivakarthikeyan is malleable and moulds himself suitably according to the situation. Apart from his perfect comic timing, he is what you can call an ace performer. While some of his emotional scenes seem a tad dramatic, his screen presence is undeniable. Teaming up with him is the class actor – Fahadh Faasil. Whoever said that a supporting act could not contribute to the film hasn’t watched Velaikkaran! He, at first, charms you only to make you realise that you have been fooled. Beneath the mastermind is a scheming, manipulative, ruthless corporate honcho. If this was his first film in Tamil cinema, it definitely won’t be his last. Nayanthara didn’t have much of a role but after a film like Aramm, which she effortlessly carried on her shoulders, she is entitled to do a film like this as well. That’s where she maintains a balance. Also, when the film explores a relevant subject, why wouldn’t you be part of it? Coming to Mohan Raja, the captain, who executed this relevant social subject in an entertaining manner.  Kudos to him! Usually, when a film tackles a social theme it can get too preachy with no fun element in it. But Mohan Raja made sure that there were ample LOL moments in the film. After a gripping cop gangsta’ film like Thani Oruvan, Velaikkaran is an impressive shift.

What’s not
At a certain instances, the film seems too idealistic and too easy but those moments are forgivable. The music isn’t as impressive as one would have liked. Also, the film did drag towards the end. A snip in the plot could have easily made this already good film, better! It was only a matter of some fine editing.

What should you do 
This Christmas, celebrate the worker, celebrate Velaikkaran.  Sivaka rthikeyan and Fahadh Faasil are two other reasons to watch it.

Rating:3.5 out of 5

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