Salman Khan and his Tubelight co-star Matin Rey Tangu got into an ice-cream eating challenge and this is what what happened next

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Salman Khan And Matin Rey Tangu Ice Cream Challenge Ended In This....

Salman Khan and Matin Rey Tangu were the BFF on the sets of Tubelight. They struck such a good friendship that crew members were pleasantly amused. Salman’s love for kids is legendary, so it isn’t surprising that he immediately took to the kid. Matin too was very fond of the superstar. The latter’s fondness for the kid was however was a little more because to help the Chinese child star beat the heat, he installed many softie machines. But Matin returned the favour with a challenge! 

Yes, you are right! Matin loves eating ice creams and the softie machine arrangement was done especially for him. So everyday, there will be everyone slurping on ice cream cones to stay cool in this hot weather. Matin was extremely happy on the sets thanks to that too. Even Salman would gorge on it. And on one such day, Matin challenged the superstar on who can eat the most ice cream cones and the actor was completely game for it. With the whole crew cheering for them, both of them managed to eat 20 ice cream cones in total! Aww… How we wish there was video of the same. We would have love to see this cutest challenge ever. We are pretty sure the actor loved it too, after all, we told you how obsessed he is about Matin.

There is a reason why Salman feels so drawn towards kids. They are innocent and are still wrapping their heads around everything that’s happening around them. They don’t have the care of the world, hence childhood is always the best time of everyone’s life because you are worried about nothing except yourself. Matin’s cuteness has made Salman his fan. We also told you EXCLUSIVELY that the kid has no clue how big a superstar he is and that’s exactly why the Tubelight actor likes to keep him close. Someone who is not star-struck will always take him for what he is and not for the star that he is.

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