Shruti Haasan on walking out of Sangamithra: If people call it a tantrum, then so be it

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Shruti Haasan Finally Opens Up About Her Exit From Sangamithra.

Last week, fans were in for a shock when it was announced that Shruti Haasan had opted out of the mega budget, magnum Opus – Sangamithra. It came as a big surprise especially since she attended Cannes this year to launch the movie. While the production house confirmed this news through a tweet – Due to unavoidable circumstances, we are unable to proceed working with Shruti Haasan in Sangamithra.” her spokesperson stated that as the actress had received a bound script and proper shooting schedule, the actress chose to opt out.

“I like to have a firm and clear idea of a script and a character — that’s how I work. And if that doesn’t happen, then I move on to the next things. But, I wish the team all the very best. I am sure it is going to be fantastic,” stated the actor while promoting Behen Hogi Teri.

Speculations have been rife about the exit stating that probably the 2 year commitment was the primary reason  behind her walk out but the actress has rubbished it all – she quashed the 2 year commitment saying this – “Not at all. I commit to stuff wholeheartedly. If I am convinced, I will invest in my art.If I require a script and a calendar because it is a basic requirement and people call that a tantrum, so be it. It’s easy to throw terms like ‘dive-effect’around but you cannot work without clarity. It’s impractical.” stated the actress while speaking with Mumbai Mirror.

In other news, the actress will soon be seen in Behen Hogi Teri opposite Rajkkumar Rao. She plays Binny, Guttu’s next door neighbour who he falls in love with. The film follows this comical love story between the two and the obstacles they face through it all.

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