Aladdin Movie Review: Guy Ritchie Adds A Modern Day Charm, Will Smith Gets The Maximum Laughs In This Modern-day Spin

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Aladdin movie review: The sets and costumes including the special effects add up to making Alladin a grand affair.
What’s about

We have grown up on the legendary story of the genie in the lamp who grants us three wishes. If you haven’t watched the 1992 Disney animaton then you have missed on one of the all time classics of cinematic era. Alladin is easily one of the most celebrated stories of love, valour, bravery and the human spirit that has been made into films, musicals and even TV shows. In 2019, Guy Ritchie gives it an ultra modern spin by getting Will Smith on board as the loveable genie. And the fact that Will can also rap and sing only adds up to the fun. Mena Massoud plays Alladin the street rat who goes on to woo princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott) against the wishes of the scheming Jaffar (Marwan Kenzari).

What’s Good
For anyone who is a fan of the tale, Ritchie has ample throwback moments that will remind you why you fell in love with this story in the first place. Performances fit in well with Mena Massoud talking the lead in giving Alladin a likeable personality and charm. Naomi gives him ample support and looks stunning as Jasmine. If you are a fan of will smith then you won’t be disappointed. Smith pulls out all the stops in ensuring that his genie act gets the maximum laughs and chuckles. He’s Will Smith after all! The sets and costumes including the special effects add up to making Alladin a grand affair. The songs especially A whole new world and Friend like me, two classics from the original show up in the film.

What’s not
The length of the film is a bit of an issue. It does drag its feet especially as it nears it’s climax. Also Kenzari as Jaffar is too loud and over the top, at places he hams it up beyond repair. Ritchie takes a lot of risks in playing with the narrative and timeline of certain events which might not go down too well with the traditional fans.

What to do
Alladin is still fun and Guy Ritchie’s modern day version has its own charm that adds up to the entertainment value to this age old tale of a wish making genie. An enjoyable ride for audiences across all ages.
Rating:3.5 out of 5
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