Joker Meta Review: Critics think Joaquin Phoenix is winning an Oscar for this movie which is otherwise problematic

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As Todd Phillips' Joker releases today, critics all around the nation feel that Joaquin Phoenix is surely winning an Oscar for this one however, they are not quite happy with the movie.

When the trailer of DC's upcoming movie Joker released, fans went in celebration mode. The movie was already being applauded by the masses when the trailers hit the internet. Joaquin Phoenix steps in to play the ominous villain in the movie. He is supported by the likes of Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Frances Conroy and such in the movie which is directed by Todd Philips.

After a really long time, the DCEU has returned to its own genre and style after experimenting with Justice League, Aquaman and such. Joker releases today and while many are hailing Joaquin's performance some have problems with its treatment. Let's check out what critics have to say about the movie:

The Hindu in its review said, "Joker’s morality is highly questionable, but the film’s best is Phoenix. If Ledger gave life to the maddening violence of the character, an emaciated Phoenix in Joker, gives the villain a humanity we never thought possible. His transformation from misunderstood to murderous abandon is sublime. It’s with the actor that Phillips exhibits brilliant sleight of hand, never crossing over to indulgence. Better yet is the director’s construction of Gotham, crafting an atmosphere of grim despondency."

With 4.5 stars, a Times of india review, "...none of the cast holds a candle to Joaquin Phoenix in the titular role, captured by a dedicated and immersive performance. Watching Phoenix disappear into character makes one fear the actor’s sanity as he creates his own unique version of the villain. At first, his wiry, awkward frame stumbles to get from one place to the next, but when he eventually transforms, he becomes graceful, resembling an agile dancer. It’s simultaneously difficult to watch and yet, impossible to take your eyes off him. If Joaquin Phoenix finally wins an Academy Award for this performance, it will be hard to argue against it."

A review in Astarcineplex , "Joaquin Phoenix delivers Oscar-worthy performance in controversial, distressing masterpiece." Another part in the review read, "Joker is a great film, not because of what it provides, but because of what it withholds. It’s brave, beautiful, and bound to annoy some people. Expect Oscars."
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