Spider-Man Trailer: Spider-Man Far From Home Toy Confirms Mysterio's True Allegiance

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A spider-man: far from home tie-in toy reveals Mysterio's true colors. In five weeks, Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment's latest collaboration will hit theaters and it will be fans' first glimpse at the MCU after the events of Avengers: 
Endgame. Putting Peter Parker At The Forefront As He Grapples With The Loss Of Tony Stark/Iron Man, Director Jon Watts Returns Behind The Camera After Working On 2017's Spider-man: Homecoming.

In the hopes of taking a breather from his mind-boggling experience that led to his death in Avengers: Infinity War and eventual resurrection after five years in EndgameFar From Home will see the young hero travel to Europe with his classmates. Aside from sightseeing, he's also expected to develop a romantic relationship with MJ (Zendaya), who figures out his secret identity, as hinted in the promotional clips released for the film. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like he'll have a lot of time to focus on himself with a slew of threats hounding his trip. Nick Fury steps in to recruit him for a mission where he'll be teamed up with Quentin Beck aka Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) - a superhero who's supposedly from another universe after the snap in Avengers 4 tore an inter-dimensional portal that would let passage between realities be possible. However, Peter would need to keep his guards up around his so-called newfound ally as he may not be exactly what he says he is, as indicated in a new piece of merchandise from the film.

Is a photo of a Far From Home Mysterio figure. While the snap doesn't reveal what the actual toy looks like, what's more interesting is the character description in the box. It reads: "MYSTERIO IS A MASTER OF ILLUSION AND A SWORN ENEMY OF SPIDER-MAN" confirming that Beck cannot be trusted - something that comic book readers may already know about. Check out the trailer here:

This twist may not surprise everyone, especially since Mysterio has always been known as a Spider-Man villain. Long before Gyllenhaal was attached to the role, the villain was already posed to be Far From Home's primary bad guy. It was only after promotional marketing and interviews with the people involved in the film that convoluted his depiction in forthcoming movie. Trailers doubled down on that by showing Beck hanging out with Peter, as if he's giving the young hero a pep talk during these difficult times. And since he's just lost his mentor, he's susceptible to being deceived by another person posing as someone who presents himself as someone who wants the best for him.

Having the knowledge that Mysterio will eventually turn against Fury and Peter coming to Spider-Man: Far From Homemay be a cause for concern for some as this can be taken as a straight-up spoiler. Homecoming was criticized for the same thing when one of its trailers feature the emotional confrontation between Stark and Spider-Man on the rooftop, and yet, it was still able to save the Narrative's Biggest Reveal in the movie itself. Holland promises that something similar to that can be expected in the flick, so there might be more to Mysterio than what the public knows so far Spider man far from home release on July 5, 2019

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