Chris Hemsworth: I Find It Hard To Play Characters Which Are Straight Because I Find Them More Restricting

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Men In Black: International actor Chris Hemsworth says he finds it hard to play characters which are straight because he finds them more restricting. Men In Black: International will release in India on June 14

Chris Hemsworth enjoys doing a combination of comedy and action and loves the risk that comes with it. The actor says he finds the self-deprecating nature of comedy more appealing than the image of an "unbreakable individual".

Hemsworth spoke about it during a press conference for his forthcoming film "Men In Black: International".

"When I first played Thor, there was sort of a naive quality that made it quite fun. In the second film, he became even more serious and even in the first and second 'Avengers' film...the drive that was happening within the scripts was the same," Hemsworth said when asked about adding a comedy touch to his films.

"I certainly thought that with 'Thor: Ragnarok', we did something different and just became aware about the appreciation of comedy within the superhero genre, and (that) self-deprecating nature is something far more appealing than this unbreakable individual," he added.

The actor, who has gained global fame with his superhero Thor avatar, continued: "I just think we become more accessible. Comedy sort of allows you to take a breath and embark on this journey and not be imposed upon or threatened by the character.

"I enjoy doing the combination of comedy and action a lot. And in 'MIB', it again comes naturally. I find it hard to play characters which are straight because I find them more restricting."

For Hemsworth, comedy is all about having fun, "especially with the improvisation".
"I love the risks that it involves... it is exhilarating... whether you will get it right or not."

The actor is looking forward to "Men in Black: International". It will take forward the story of the "Men In Black" franchise which first came out in 1997 with actors WILL SMITH and Tommy Lee Jones in the lead.

Hemsworth loves the original franchise.
"Initially, I was excited to jump on board but also apprehensive on making sure we did it justice and we were able to extend the journey and make an energetic film.

"The character is slightly anti-establishment. It is different from the things I have done before... I would like to think that I am making the film that aren't the ones which fans would just appreciate but also something which I haven't done before," he added.

Hemsworth, along with Tessa Thompson, will portray the new agents dealing with aliens. The plot centres on a mole in the Men in Black organisation.

Sony Pictures Entertainment India will release "Men In Black: International" in India on June 14 in Hindi, English, Tamil and Telugu.

Commenting on taking forward the legacy of the cult film, Hemsworth said: "There's always that pressure with anything, but yes there's definitely added amount of pressure with a legacy that has been built... the comic books have been around for almost 30 years, and there is a beloved fan base."
But Chris Hemsworth uses his "fear and anxiety" to get better in his craft.

"It motivates me to work hard," he added.
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