Skyscraper trailer: Dwayne Johnson saving his family from the world’s tallest building will leave you gaping with horror – watch video

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Die Hard, much?
Dwayne Johnson is riding high on the success of his last release Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. The movie is still running in theatres and we already have the trailers for two more upcoming romps featuring the actor. One, released weeks ago, sees Dwayne fight a giant gorilla on a Rampage in the city, and the other one, dropped today, has the actor saving his family from a Skyscraper in a more grotesque The Towering Inferno situation.
The first trailer for Dwayne’s upcoming film Skyscraper was released in the plethora of Super Bowl trailers and it manages to stand out. The film has been directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber reuniting him with the actor after Central Intelligence. Dwayne plays a former FBI agent who lost a leg on a mission gone wrong. He now functions as a head of security at the world’s “tallest and most advanced building”. Of course, if it is a film starring The Rock something has to go monumentally wrong. Here, some terrorists infiltrate the building, which has also caught fire and The Rock needs to save his family from the 224th floor. Die Hard, much?

We know exactly how the movie is going to end. Don’t we? We need to know how it reaches there. Dwayne has become extremely popular in the genre where things are exploding and spiralling out of proportion. I mean in San Andreas he saved his family from world’s most powerful earthquake. The template is simple and same. Still, Skyscraper manages to build up an intriguing premise. And to see Dwayne work with a prosthetic leg is going to be entertaining. In fact, one of the most thrilling scenes from the trailer is a cliff-hanger (no pun intended) where the actor is hanging by a rope grappled around his prosthetic which is detaching itself from the rest of the body, thanks to gravity.

Skyscraper is slated to release on July 13, but we won’t be surprised if it hits the theatres in India earlier than that.
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