Pari Screamer 4: Anushka Sharma’s ghostly avatar will ruin your love for the moonlit midnight sky – watch video

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Eerie and creepy is the new screamer of Pari
Blue, grey, black and red will be the colour of Holi this year, courtesy Anushka Sharma’s pari. Creepy, scary and disturbing, these are the three words that everyone is using for the film. All the three mini teasers or screamers have kept us intrigued about what exactly is the story of Pari. We know that Anushka Sharma is the witch or possessed girl who tries to seek help from Parambrata Chatterjee. Not much is known about the Bengali actor’s character. Bong beauty Ritabhari Chakraborty is also in the film. The latest screamer tells us that Pari will have more chills and thrills than what we have seen so far.
In the screamer, we see Anushka Sharma sitting cross-legged on top of the balcony’s railing. In front of her is the city and the midnight sky bathed in colours like black and blue. The full moon lights up the sky but it is covered with grey clouds. The full moon has always found a place in films and books. It is said that people become a lot more hyper or irrational on full moon days.

Of course, the real scare is when Anushka looks at us. The socket of one of her eyes is empty (without the eyeball) and it is tinged in blood. It is not as gory as some of the stuff we have seen but definitely creepy.
The film is directed by debutante director Prosit Roy. It is produced by Anushka Sharma and her brother Karnesh’s CleanSlate Films. Parambrata Chatterjee has done a few films in this genre but this is Anushka’s first tryst with the supernatural genre. It is a huge risk for the actress, who has done more mainstream films before. 

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