[In pics] Let Taimur Ali Khan wish you a Good Night before he goes off to sleep!

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Cute for the day, thanks to Taimur Ali Khan!

How quickly has kareena kapoor khan’s baby Taimur become a part of all our lives. It’s like irrespective of whether you approve of this fact or no, a day without his picture is a day incomplete. So when we spotted the little munchkin in Bandra this evening, we couldn’t help but bring it to you guys because we’re sure you were waiting for his latest spotting, weren’t you? Although this time Taimur wasn’t in his usual cheerful mood but just looking at him dozing off in his nanny’s arms is such a delightful sight. One look at the above picture and you will know what we are trying to say.

Charge us guilty for being so highly obsessed with Taimur but how can ignore this beautiful face? When we recently met Kareena, we asked her how does it feel to see Taimur become such a huge internet sensation and she said, ““I think it is a bit too much, but there is nothing that I can do about it. But I would want him NOT to have so much attention.” The actress also added how she wants her son to have a normal childhood as she said, “As parents, we do not say much, but we hope that he has as normal a childhood as I wanted him to have. Right now, he does not understand it (the media attention), but at some point we will make him understand it.” When we further prodded Bebo citing all the instances when Taimur actually enjoyed the paparazzi attention and she smiled, “I think it is all because of the lights, he is trying to figure out what is this.” Here, check out Taimur’s pictures from today below:

Taimur literally jumped out of joy on spotting the paparazzi.
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