EXCLUSIVE! Here’s all you need to know about Jacqueline Fernandez’s costume for Ek Do Teen song from Baaghi 2

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We can no longer hold our horses to see Jacqueline Fernandez replicate Madhuri Dixit's iconic song

Jacqueline Fernandez made headlines when she decided to step into Madhuri Dixit’s shoes. The actress will be replicating Madhuri’s iconic Ek Do Teen song for Tiger Shroff’s Baaghi 2 and the shoot of the song was wrapped last weekend. Jackie, as she’s fondly called, is a great dancer and we have seen it in a couple of movies before. She’s hooked to pole dancing, and imitating Madhuri’s dance number was a challenge which she readily accepted. As per our sources who have already watched the song, the dance number will easily become the song of the year. The Kick actress has shined throughout the song and so has her attire. ASTARCINEPLEX has EXCLUSIVELY got all the deets of her attire from the song and we are more than happy to share it with you folks. 

So first things first. Jacqueline Fernandez’s costume from the song is designed by Bollywood’s favourite designer, Manish Malhotra. And it’s very similar to what Madhuri Dixit wore in the original song. It’s as colourful as the previous one but Jackie had few suggestions to it. She asked Manish to make some changes in her attire and he willingly obliged. She was even required to have a change of costume in the song but the Sri Lankan beauty was so smitten by her attire that she shot major portion of the song in the same outfit. Well, Madhuri’s song is still so fresh in our mind and it will never really fade away. Let’s hope that Jackie is successful in paying her tribute to Madhuri. 

When the pretty actress was asked if she was nervous while rehearsing the song, she said, “That was my first stress, that how can we recreate something so iconic, like is it even possible? It made it lot easier for me when I understood that it is not possible. We’re not trying to match up to what Madhuri Dixit did. We are not trying to match up to what Saroj (Khan) ji did. We are honestly fans, big, big fans of their work. This is honestly, more than anything, a tribute to an amazing and iconic number that they gave to us, which is Ek Do Teen Char. And, for me as an actress this is such an honour. For any girl this would be a dream song to do. I feel really, really blessed that I have been given this opportunity. I know I would never be able to match up to Madhuri Dixit, that’s not something that I’m even going to attempt. You cannot replicate someone like Madhuri Dixit, as there is only one Madhuri Dixit. I know that this is just my tribute to her.”

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