Baahubali 2 box office collection Japan: Prabhas’ magnum opus rakes in 550 USD in six weeks

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Prabhas' Baahubali has stormed the box office in Japan.

Baahubali 2, one of the biggest hits of 2017 continues to makes waves nine months after its release! Yes, it’s been almost a year since the film hit theatres worldwide but the hype around this movie hasn’t died out.  For those who don’t know the film has released in Japan! In six weeks, the film has managed to earn 550 USD at the box office in Japan. The movie continues to maintain a strong hold all thanks to the positive word of mouth on social media. Looks like Baahubali has found itself some loyal fans even in Japan! The movie has earned a little under Rs 1700 at the worldwide box office before its released in Japan. Now let’s find out if the film is all set to break records in yet another country.

As per recent reports, the film is set to be made into a case study at the prestigious Indian Institute of Indian Management, Ahmedabad. It will be authored by one of the alumni professors. It will be part of an elective course on movie business and will be studied by second year students. The idea behind this case study is to decode the success mantra of this film. According to the professor, this is one of the rare films that combines art, business and technology successfully. “In the case of Baahubali, the three elements of art, technology and business have come together and that is the reason why the movie and its sequel have been successful.” stated the professor.

Baahubali on its release stormed the box office. It became the first film to earn more than Rs 100 crore in one day. Apart from setting the box office ablaze, the movie was lauded for its compelling story, fleshed out characters, the exemplary VFX and for its grand scale of execution. It will remain one of the most talked about films in the years to come.

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