Anushka Shetty rightly earns the title of the lady superstar, courtesy Bhaagamathie’s record-breaking success

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Bhaagamthie is all set to be Anushka Shetty's biggest hit.

While there was an air of excitement around Bhaagamathie,  Anushka Shetty‘s first film after Baahubali, critics were also concerned about one thing – Will the ‘lady superstar’ pull off a solo innings by herself? Will she stand her ground without a Prabhas and Rana, will she deliver yet another solo hit like Size Zero, Rudramadevi and Arundhati? As the much as the buzz around Bhaagamathie was huge, the success of this film was also essential because a solo hit would help the actress reinstate her stardom as a solo lead after three years. Two weeks into release and that very concern is thrown out of the window, because Anushka’s film is breaking records left, right and centre.

For starters, the film has earned Rs 50 crores at the box office worldwide! To add to it, the film is performing phenomenally at the US box office. The movie has officially entered the 1 million, thus becoming one of the highest earning women centric movies. The film has raked in 64,125,000 approx. Bhaagamathie has managed to beat even Rudramadevi that earned 970$ at the box office, thus becoming Anushka Shetty’s biggest hit till date. So what worked for Bhaagamthie and more importantly for Anushka Shetty?

The biggest strength of Bhaagamathie is its storyline. This modern day story re-defines the thriller genre and leaves fans, critics surprised. The unexpected twist is the story’s biggest plus. The content-driven plot teamed with Anushka Shetty’s versatile performance has catapulted Bhaagamathie to unimaginable heights. To think, the film was supposed to be made in 2012 but due to Anushka’s prior commitments, the film was put on hold! G Ashok was very sure that he would this film only with Anushka Shetty in the lead. Looks like his faith and conviction have paid off. The actress has rightly earned the ladysupertsar title as she has shouldered this film singlehandedly, however supporting acts by Asha Sarath, Jayaram and Unni Mukundan have contributed to the film as well.

But we can’t help but wonder, if Baahubali success helped elevate Bhaagamthie to an extent? Post the magnum opus, Anushka Shetty’s popularity soared and she became a known face across industries. Her act as Devasena garnered her much acclaim. After this film, Bhaagamathie in all probability regained new importance. It was no longer seen as just a modern day thriller but was also seen as an Anushka Shetty starrer.

Having said that, the actress has proved otherwise – Baahubali or not, she can deliver a rocking hit.

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