We are dying to run into Shah Rukh Khan’s arms in this picture from Switzerland!

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Shah Rukh Khan, you can't do this to us. That's a crime!
Picture this… It’s Switzerland and there’s a man standing on a snowy hilltop with his arms stretched out, waiting to embrace you. When you go near him, you realise it’s shah rukh khan. What do you do? Won’t you just run into his arms? That’s exactly what we are feeling right now after seeing this picture that he has posted from Davos. The actor is tempting us to do the unthinkable…get naughty ideas during our work hours. Shah Rukh, you can’t do this to us!
SRK writes, “Switzerland main aake yeh na kiya toh kya kiya…?! Loving being at the Davos, now to get ready for the Crystal Award Ceremony. #DavosDiaries.” The actor has deeper connection with the place as Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge was shot there and we are pretty sure he must have had a lot of memories of the place. But we are finding it difficult to concentrate on work after watching this picture. Check it out right here… 
Switzerland main aake yeh na kiya toh kya kiya...?! Loving being at the Davos, now to get ready for the Crystal Award Ceremony.

The actor was honoured at the 24th Crystal Awards, organised by the World Economic Forum. He wasn’t the only recipient as British pop legend Elton John and Australian actor Cate Blanchett was awarded with similar honour. SRK is in the Swiss town of Davos, where the event is held annually. He had tweeted earlier, “Honoured to receive the @wef’s 24th Crystal Award, together with @eltonofficial and Cate Blanchett. My fan moment!!” He also shared a snap of himself with the Alps in the background.

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