Kaalakaandi quick movie review: Saif Ali Khan’s trippy night is so far the best thing

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Check out the quick movie review of Saif Ali Khan's Kaalakaandi right here.

A significant part of the movie is spent introducing the ensemble cast of the film. It is, to be honest, quite a lot to absorb so quickly. Saif Ali Khan learns he has cancer. Kunal Roy Kapoor’s girlfriend is leaving the country and he is very insecure about it. Akshay Oberoi is getting married. Vijay Raz could not help but laght at an anecdote in which a guy shot himself in the scrotum. All the stories start forming their parallel universes which you know are going to collide at a juncture in the movie.

The first half of the film is garnished with jokes that a group of young men would laugh out loud at. The plot thickens when Saif starts tripping on acid. Lives of others characters also begin to start tumbling down. The cast is handpicked to perfection. All the actors – which are a hell lot – doing a great job. The characters haven’t interacted with each other much but are forming their own story arcs. Actually nothing much happens in the first half. Just a fun start to the film. No twist. No second act tension. Just a setup for the second half. Hope everything happened so far has a well meaning place in the second half!

Kaalakaandi is one film that fans were really excited about and even Aamir Khan loved the film. Aamir took to Twitter and said that after Delhi Belly, this was the only film that made him laugh so hard. The trailer of the film had already got the audience hooked on to the film. Saif’s performance is being appreciated by everyone who has seen the film. Do you think the film will manage to impress the critics after the second half, too? Tell us in the comments below and stay tuned to here for the full review of the film.

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