Hrithik Roshan and Susanne Khan come together for the 92nd birthday of the actor’s grandfather – view pics

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Hrithik Roshan's tweet is so aww!
hrithik roshan is a family man. If not shooting, he likes to spend every waking hour with his kids. Often you will see him going for movies with his kids along with his ex-wife Susanne Khan. He even goes on holidays with them. Apart from his kids, he is also very close to other members of his extended family. Today, he posted pictures of a small birthday gathering for his maternal grandfather J Om Prakash, who turned 92. The pictures will warm your hearts as everyone look really happy in them. 
Hrithik has also mentioned, “As a young man he sold his wedding ring to buy books. Studied under street lamps. Self taught. Ignited by creativity he forayed into films. Aap ki kasam and 22 more jubilee films brought him name and fame. But his greatest work was love. Here he is at 92. My greatest teacher. My Deda.” You can figure out the amount of respect he has for his grandfather who took the hard way to success. Humble beginnings took him places and made him one of the most famous producers of his time. Aap Ki Kasam, made by him, is one of the gems of Indian Cinema that we have watched a lot of times. Hrithik also shared a few pictures of the party they had and you can spot Susanne in them as well.
Hrithik Roshan has also often spoken about his paternal grandfather Roshan Lal Nagrath as well whom he has never met in his life. He had posted last year, “Never met my grandfather. Roshan lal Nagrath, I call him daduji. But I know him thru his music. ‘sooth my soul. He was one of d greatest yet never chased d fame. Today v celebrate his 50th death anniversary. ( d cute kid is my dad)”.
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