Exclusive! Tik Tik Tik actor Jayam Ravi: Everyone discouraged my decision to work in a space film

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Jayam Ravi revealed that everyone, including his well-wishers, strongly discouraged his decision to work in Tik Tik Tik!
jayam ravi revealed that everyone, including his well-wishers, strongly discouraged his decision to work in a space film (Tik Tik Tik), when he ventured out to start shooting for the project directed by Shakti Rajan. The film marks composer Imman’s 100th film in the industry. “It’s a great feat Imman has achieved. When Shakti wanted to announce the release date, I was a little doubtful. But Shakti was so confident on Imman, and he never had any second thoughts. That is the sincerity he has towards his work. I always term music as Audio Screenplay, and Imman has that sense to execute that well, an obvious example is Miruthan. Kurumba Kurumba song will forever be a memorable one for Aarav and me,” said Ravi.
Director Shakti Rajan showered praise on art Director Murthy, who was working on four sets simultaneously on four different floors. “The dedication and hard work he invested was so stressful that he had to be admitted to hospital with a near cardiac arrest condition,” he said. “DOP Venkatesh is the reason that a film like this is made within a very short span. Out of 51 days, 35 days had action sequences, and no one can pull it off like the way he did. All the artists’ diligence was terrific because this film was in a closed space and most of their on-sets time would be on a harness. It would be so heavy to move around, and it will take an hour to remove the harness. Only these courteous people can undergo all this and still give their best,” recalled Shakti. 
Shakti Rajan also revealed that a Chennai-based team has worked on the film’s visual effects work. “As soon as the news about Tik Tik Tik and its genre surfaced, almost everyone had doubts in their mind, and most of them were about the CG. A Chennai based team does the CG part – Ajax, supervised by Arun. They are the hidden heroes of this film. 

And I have been getting calls from various parts of India since many are interested in Ajax’s work and wish to collaborate with them,” he said. Tik Tik Tik is all set to hit screens worldwide on January 26th worldwide.
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