Agnyaathavaasi teaser: Pawan Kalyan’s action and style speak louder than words – watch video

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Agnyaathavaasi teaser is a must watch.
We never knew Pawan Kalyan, the Powerstar, can make a teaser so arresting without any whistle-worthy dialogue. Agnyaathavaasi’s teaser is easily one of the bests that we have seen in recent times. The video has a classical raga playing all through it but the calmness of the note is contradicted by what’s shown in the video. Kalyan can be seen getting hurt, bashing up goons, romancing his heroine and make funny faces all in one teaser. That music despite being soothing, turns into a haunting melody thanks to the action in the video. It’s such a beautiful contradiction that you will like it instantly.

Agnyaathavaasi is about a Prince In Exile played by Kalyan who likes to take care of his subjects from far. In fact, you will get a hint of that in the teaser itself when a lonely Kalyan is seen gazing out of a window. Despite the calmness of the music behind, there is a lot of chaos in the film. Check out the video right here…
Pawan Kalyan launched the name of the film on the ghats of Varanasi. Agnyaathavaasi is also referred to as a phase in the Mahabharata. If you don’t know, let us inform you that after spending 12 years in exile, the Pandavas had to spend another year hiding in disguise because of an agreement with the Kauravas. If they were found, they would have to spend another 12 years in exile. We are guessing that Pawan Kalyan’s Agnyaathavaasi has also taken inspiration from this.

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