Hands up! Katrina Kaif has got you at gunpoint in this fiery new still from Tiger Zinda Hai – view pic

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how killer is this new still of katrina kaif from tiger zinda hai?
Believe Salman Khan when he refers to katrina kaif as his “Tigress.” I mean, one look at the above picture and you will know what we are trying to say. If eyes could kill, Katrina would surely be charged guilty. Such an intense look! In fact, this is the first still of TZH that has Katrina alone pulling off an action scene without Salman. Like if you remember, the first poster focused only on Salman or for that matter, even the second one had both Salman and Katrina together boasting an attitude of “Don’t you dare mess with us.” So that way, this is a first for Katrina with a solo pic featuring just her and we might as well add, she’s owning it like a boss! Truly a deadly combination of beauty and grit, isn’t it?
Here’s what director Ali Abbas Zafar tweeted:

Turns out Katrina has performed the action stunts all by herself, without the use of a body double. Reveals a source in interaction with Hindustan Times, “Katrina plays an elite intelligence agent in the film. So, for example, if she is adept at hand-to-hand combat, she is also equally good at adapting herself to new mannerisms [depending on the situation]. So the whole idea was to keep the treatment [of her character] realistic while focusing on gritty and hardcore action. While working with professionals, Katrina was trained in various nuances of body language, mannerism and other minute details.

Ali adds that considering Katrina plays a spy in the film, “We even got her to train with real agents and used their expertise and experience. Katrina really pushed herself for the part. She went an extra mile to train in several important nuances such as aggressive hand-to-hand combat. That’s why the action she performed looks very real onscreen despite being on a grand scale.”
In that case, we can’t wait to see Katrina matching up to Salman’s hardcore action scenes in Tiger Zinda Hai that’s all set to release on December 22, 2017.
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