5 countries, 2 superstars, one film – that’s what makes Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s Tiger Zinda Hai the biggest action adventure of 2017

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Here's Why Salman Khan And Katrina Kaif's Tiger Zinda Hai Will Be One Of The Biggest Action Adventures Ever!

salman khan and katrina kaif‘s Tiger Zinda Haiis one of the biggest, baddest and most exciting film of the year. Not only does it promise double the action and romance, but it also marks the return of Salman and Katrina on the screen for the first time since the prequel (Ek Tha Tiger) of this movie released. But what makes it the biggest action adventure of 2017? Well, its the scale at which the film has been shot! Thousands of ammunition, hundreds of people, more than tens high end cars, five countries, two superstars and one film – that’s what make this one into a gripping, explosive and entertaining story. In this espionage drama, the film’s protagonists Tiger (Salman) and Zoya (Katrina) travel to five different countries, fighting against all the odds to complete a life-threatening mission. To mount this dramatic journey of 2 spies on a larger than life scale, Tiger Zinda Hai has been shot across Austria, Greece, Morocco, Abu Dhabi and India.

As Director ali abbas zafar revealed to the media via a statement, “To meet the scale of the film, we had to travel from India to four different countries for different reasons. Certain landscapes needed to become a part of the film, so we had to go to Austria to get the snow-covered mountains. We also had to go to Morocco to feature crucial fight sequences of horseback riding. The country’s landscape and topography brings a certain texture to these sequences. It also has horses trained for some fight sequences, as many Hollywood films like Troy and Mummy Returns. Greece was absolutely picturesque and was the perfect location to shoot the celebratory anthem – Swag Se Karenge Sabka Swagat.  Abu Dhabi gave us desert terrain. We got great support from the Abu Dhabi government be it locations, production, army and air-force requirement. They helped us create larger than life action drama sequences. We also shot a couple of scenes in North and South block, Delhi. Overall, each location has huge significance and is part of turning points in the film’s script.” 

Everything was shot keeping in mind that they had to create the biggest action adventure of 2017 and that’s what they did. To make it in line with the international standards, Yash Raj Films even hired foreign technicians who had worked on several major Hollywood films. So stay tuned for some jaw-dropping action and fight sequences in Salman and Katrina’s tiger zinda hai, when it hits the silver screens on December 22.
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