Jai Lava Kusa Trailer: Jr NTR as as Ram, Lakhshman and Ravana promise triple the fun this Dussehra

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jai lava kusa starring jr ntr is out with its trailer.

The day we have been waiting for is finally here! Jr Ntr‘s much awaited Jai Lava Kusa trailer is finally out and it’s quite awesome really. Three characters, three different personalities, performed by one actor! The trailer opens with the quirky Kusa who confuses an imigration lawyer for an irritation lawyer but he has point that both are lawyers. 

From Kusa, the trailer smoothly moves on to Lava who is cute, good natured and bound by duty. His shy demeanor makes him even more charming, But both characters soon realise there’s a third person out there, a dangerous one at that. – The king of Asuras – Raavan aka Jai. The makers have obviously saved the best for the last, as Jai, he re-defines Villainy, even his stutters can give you tremors. All in all, it’s one kickass entertainer! Also, how can we not mentioned his dance moves! He’s too good a dancer.  The story, the characters, the background score come together to give you the perfect film for Dussehra. Triple the fun is guaranteed this festive season.

This Jr NTR’s most challenging film till date because it will feature the actor in a triple role for the first time. Fans are super excited of course! The best part – He exhibits three distinct personalities effortlessly even though physically they don;t look too different, The film also stars Nivetha Thomas and Rashi Khanna. The film is directed by Bobby. C Muraleedharan’s cameraship is clearly visible in this awesome trailer. Visually it’s a delight!

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Love the trailer already ..
Finally, the trailer of junior ntr’s jai lava kusahere and it has us damn excited. This is the actor’s 27th film in a lead role and comes after the successful Janatha Garage. The actor plays triple roles of Jai, Lava and Kusa, all of them have quirky personalities. While Kusa is a lawyer, Lava is a cute guy who is damn shy.

However, the best of them is Jai, who plays a character like Ravana. The actor is powerful as the villain and the background music also heightens his tremendous presence. The film also stars Rashi Khanna, Nivetha Thomas and Tamannaah in a guest role.

Jai Lava Kusa also has Ronit Roy as the villain but we don’t see him here.  There are quite a few scenes that catch our eyes. The first one when the three brothers are playing as kids in the rain. Then, we have Junior NTR’s showing off his kickass dance moves. He is a superb dancer and we cannot get enough of his moves. Plus, there is a super Jai, who with his twirl of moustache and power takes down the baddies. The film is directed by KS Ravindra and produced by Nandamuri Kalyan Ram.

Looks like Mahesh Babu’s SPYDER will have tough compettion to face as three Jr NTRs clash with him at the Tollywood BO. For those who don’t know, Jai Lava Kusa releases on September 21st and SPYDER releases a week later. In that sense, Jr NTR’s film has the upper hand clearly. Will it Beta the prince of Tollywood at the box office? Let’s wait to find out.
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