Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt hug it out and all we can say is Ganpati Bappa Morya – view pics!

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friendship is in the air once again...

This year, salman khan’s Ganpati celebrations have moved to arpita khan sharma’s home and good tidings have come. It seems like Bappa wants to add spark to relationships in Bhai’s life. Well, salman khan met sanjay dutt today during the Ganpati celebrations and they shared a warm hug. Fans had gathered around the two stars and everyone is overjoyed to see Salman with his Chal Mere Bhai co-star. The friendship between the two actors is talked about a lot but things had apparently gone kaput in recent times due to a number of reasons. But this should shut up naysayers like a boss! Sanjay and Salman met at Mukesh Ambani’s Ganpati function and bonded like a house on fire. In the pictures, we can see Sanjay planting a kiss on Salman.

Fans of the two must be thanking Bappa! Festivals are a time to renew friendships and brotherhood, and it is great to see them do so. In 2013, Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan hugged each other at Baba Siddiqui’s Iftaar party and it was the most sensational Eid hug ever. The two had strained relations due to some reasons and Eid again revived their friendship. We are sure we will see more of Sanjay and Salman post this. It is also a great time as Sanjay’s comeback film, Bhoomi is all set to release. In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Life, Sanjay had revealed that he considered Salman as a brother and did not understand why people speculated about them not being friends anymore.

For the uninitiated, the relations between the two were supposedly fractured due a variety of reasons. It seems Sanjay had employed Salman Khan’s ex- manager Reshma Shetty on his recommendation but was displeased when he found that she was quoting exorbitant fees. Her quoted amounts reportedly led to filmmakers shying away from Dutt. When he discovered that, he replaced her, which did not appeal to Salman. That led to some friction. Well, Lord Ganesha has again united them!

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