Not 450, 1600 screens for Dhanush-Kajol’s VIP 2 Lalkar thanks to positive feedback of the Tamil version

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dhanush-kajol's vip 2 lalkar (hindi) to release in 1600 screens.

VIP 2, sequel to the 2014 movie, Velaiilla Pattadhari  has come out a winner post its release on 11th August. The much awaited Tamil film had a promising screen count prior to begin with. While the film opened to mixed reviews, the movie has fared well at the box office. At the VIP 2 success meet, Soundarya Rajinikanth has expressed her happiness over the success of the film. 

Dhanush has revealed that VIP 2 has exceeded his expectations. The best part, the VIP 2 fever will continue until 25th because the HIndi version will release on 18th August while the Telugu version will release on 25th August! Also, it was revealed that the screen count for VIP 2 Lalkar (Hindi) has increased form 450 to 1600, thanks to the positive feedback!
VIP 2 marks the return of dhanush as Raghuvaran with a brand new story. But this time joining him was Bollywood actress kajol. From the looks of the trailer, the two are heading for the ultimate corporate clash as they stand up for their ideals and morals. Kajol’s character is not exactly a negative one but she is against Raghuvaran and holds different values. As the snooty, arrogant, head honcho, Kajol fit the bill perfectly. The film was helmed by Soundarya Rajinikanth.

Producer @theVcreations lists out various areas of TN, Kerala & overseas Box office.. City & Chengalpet - 6.50 Crs Malaysia - 5 Crs 

Also the good news is, Dhanush has confirmed a VIP 3! Yes there will be a part three as well! We are super excited! What will Raghuvaran come come back with for the third part?

In other news, how excited are you for VIP 2 Lalkar? Stay tuned for our review of the Hindi version only on here.
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