Kareena Kapoor Khan on being a working mom: Taimur will be growing up seeing the power of women

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after having a good day at work, i am waiting to see my son home, says kareena kapoor

Kareena Kapoor Khan has flaunted her pregnancy unlike any other Bollywood diva. She kept working during her pregnancy and set a very empowering example for women all over. She did it all – attended parties, events, and even walked the ramp during her final trimester, and her fans loved her for it. And when she gave birth to her son, Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi, he was instantly the apple of the eye for the fans of the actress.

Fans of Kareena look up to her. I mean we can only count the number of women who signed up for a size zero figure after Kareena’s Tashan. Be it fashion or fitness, the actress has always been someone to look up to. And now that she is a mother, she is someone all the young mothers – especially the ones who want to work – can take an inspiration from. kareena features on the latest issue of And magazine, and in it she talks about her life as a working mom. “I think it is amazing. After having a good day at work, I am waiting to see my son home. It’s quality over quantity. Some can stay at home all day but the idea is to keep the focus going, whatever it is you are doing at the time. If you like what you do at work it’s even better. Acting is my passion and if I go to work, I feel like a more enriched mother. Women multitask the best,” she said.

When asked about the most important thing about respecting women she will teach her son, Kareena said, “Taimur is going to grow up with a working mom. My sister, his maasi, is also a working woman. He has my mother to look up to, my mother-in-law, who is still a working woman. So, he is going to grow up in that atmosphere and learn to respect women in that sense. He also has a wonderful nanny, again another working woman who looks after him, so he will be growing up seeing the power of women from as early as seven months old.”

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