Judwaa 2: Varun Dhawan Charms His Fans At Trailer Launch. Just Like Salman Khan

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the trailer of judwaa 2, starring varun dhawan, taapsee pannu and jacqueline fernandez was unveiled today. the trailer launch event consisted of 100 identical twins who were flown into mumbai from across the country

Varun Dhawan at Judwaa 2 trailer launch event in Mumbai

Trailer of Judwaa 2 was screened twice inside a cinema hallVarun's fans couldn't stop whistling and screaming at the trailer launchAfter trailer launch, Varun thanked Salman, who starred in the original J

If the buzz at the trailer launch of JUDWAA 2 is anything to go by then the film, starring Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez and Taapsee Pannu, could just turn out to be one of the biggest blockbusters of 2017. The audience at the launch event consisted of 100 identical twins who were flown into Mumbai from across the country to watch the trailer along with the media. The trailer of Judwaa 2 was screened twice inside a cinema hall, but it was not easy to hear the dialogues as Varun's fans couldn't stop whistling and screaming.

After the screening of the three-minute trailer, varun dhawan took the mic and started by thanking Salman Khan, Who Starred In The Original Judwaa (1997). Both films, old and new, are directed by Varun's father David Dhawan. "This film wouldn't be possible without Salman bhai. 20 years back he made Raja and Prem iconic, he is the original Raja/Prem and will always be the original. I hope he likes the film whenever he watches it," Varun said. Raja and Prem are the names of the identical twins who comprise the 'judwaa' of the title. Taapsee Pannu added, "I was in school when Judwaa had released. I had seen it again and again, and that's the reason I know the lyrics of all the songs in the film."

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While most spoke about the similarities between Varun Dhawan and Salman Khan, David Dhawan, who has directed both actors, shared another perspective. "Salman Khan is Salman Khan. When he was on the set doing a scene with me, I never felt he was doing anything major. But when I would go and see the film during the edit, I used to wonder how and when did he do it? That's Salman Khan. He pulled off all those comedy scenes and steps with such ease," Mr Dhawan senior said.

After the Q&A with the media, the invited fans were also allowed a short interaction with the actors. One of Varun Dhawan's fans took the mic and asked him, "What should I do to become like you?" Varun got up and broke into a dance and with that, fans in the auditorium also started dancing. That was something only a superstar in the mould of Salman Khan could have pulled off. Clearly, the 30-year-old actor already has the pulse of his public.

Judwaa 2 will feature the two popular songs from the original film, Tan Tana Tan and Unchi Hai Building. David Dhawan thanked the man behind these popular numbers: "For these two songs I have only one person to thank, Anu Malik! He gave me these blockbuster songs."

Judwaa 2 releases on September 29.

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