Taimur Ali Khan’s first international trip with parents Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan will be every bit ROYAL – read details

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taimur ali khan is going to have a royal blast at gstaad with parents kareena kapoor khan and saif ali khan. check out details on the place.

Celeb kids certainly are having a ball, travelling to places in the country and abroad! The latest kiddo to make his first international trip happen is none other than Prince Taimur. Right after all the nepotism chaos wrecked havoc in B-town (again), Saif Ali Khan decided to make an exit from all the mess (he created) and fly off to his favourite holiday destination with wife kareena kapoor khan and their baby boy. You might know this but the couple have taken off to the luscious Swizz Alps for their annual vacation. But this year, they will be accompanied by their seven month old son too. As we mentioned earlier, the family will be staying at Gstaad Palace in Switzerland. In fact, on the same, Bebo had even commented, “If you hold a gun to my head and ask for my last wish, I’d want one last holiday in Gstaad. It’s the most beautiful and romantic place in the world.”

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That speaks volumes of how much the couple fancy this exuberant stay. We did a little digging and found out details about the place. The Gstaad Palace has served quite a lot of celebrities apart from Bebo and Saif. Many Hollywood celebs like to escape from the glitz and glam of the West and reside in quiet and solitude, in this palace. The Khan family will be residing in one of the cottages given by the Gstaad Palace. You must know that this service is for all the celebs who want to keep away from the paparazzi. Saifeena have been staying at this one particular cottage, every time they made their visit. It works for Kareena as she is not the backpacking kinda traveller. she revealed, “I am not a backpacker. I am a luxury traveller. I like to relax and shop when on a vacation and am completely cut off from the city.”

Maybe that’s why they chose this particular locale because it’s far away from throng of people, allows them to enjoy their privacy and let’s them be themselves! Besides, Bebo loves snow and this time of the year, it’s apt to go to Gstaad as it will be filled with snow. Saif too is very fond of snow and loves Switzerland. Perhaps that’s one trait they’re rubbing off on their baby boy. As you can see in the pic above, you’ll know just how gorgeous and luxurious their trip is going to be. Taimur is already getting the Nawab-like treatment here and now he’ll get a taste of how royals are treated in the West! This is exciting.
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