Kareena Kapoor Khan looks smokin’ HOT in this black high-low dress – view pics

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Kareena Kapoor, You Have To Stop Looking This Gorgeous All The Time...

What’s with Kareena Kapoor? The moment we think she can’t look more ravishing this, she proves us wrong with yet another getup. She was spotted at the airport tonight wearing a magical black high-low midi dress looking absolutely stunning! For people like her, you don’t really need to do much to look great. You have not seen anyone this beautiful today and we are ready to bet on that. 

Kareena left for Malaysia two days back for a store opening, Juiceco in a ditzy all black avatar. That was airport fashion done right. Once there, she kicked up a storm in the fashion world by wearing a black and gold off shoulder gown which will make anyone envious of her. And after sending Malaysia in a tizzy, she returned to Mumbai looking like a Diva. If the dress is accentuating her curves, the neckline is adding a lot of oomph to the attire. Not to mention that red lipstick… gorgeous is an understatement for someone like Kareena Kapoor. She even pouts in one of the pics making us sigh! Check out her airport look right here...

but we wonder what was that ridiculous cap for. fashion police might find it a quirky statement but we found it a little off. we mean how does a cap accentuate a dress which is that beautiful. but that’s easily forgiven because nobody has ever looked so divinely beautiful even with that. but it wasn’t easy for her to look this good after delivering taimur. kareena has written a note wherein she elaborately discussed her experience. she revealed in the note, “someone recently commented on a picture of mine post a yoga class and said i looked fat, i realised how insensitive people can be even if a woman has just delivered. it got me thinking about how women must feel about (and deal with) changes in their body post delivery. maybe their world shatters, maybe they feel so under-confident that getting back into fab shape starts feeling like a faraway dream. i want to share with you what i learned during my pregnancy and post delivery, my personal notes you can call them.”
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