EXCLUSIVE Ranbir Kapoor: Katrina and I would stay in touch, will return with Jagga Jasoos sequel

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ranbir kapoor reveals his plans post jagga jasoos. while talking about what he would miss about the film and its journey post its release, ranbir said that he and katrina would stay in touch and if people love them and their characters of shruti and jagga, then they would come back with a sequel.

Ranbir Kapoor talks about what he would miss about the film and its journey.

Ranbir Kapoor’s first production venture Jagga Jasoos is all set to hit the theatres. The film has been in news for all good and bad reasons, including Ranbir and his co-star Katrina Kaif’s alleged breakup. And of course, the film took years to finally get a release. But thankfully, none of this stopped the film from heading to the cinema halls, and as it’s finally making its way to the audience, Jagga aka Ranbir speaks about what he would miss about the film and its journey.

In an exclusive conversation with indianexpress.com, the Tamasha actor said, “Beyond Jagga, of course me and Katrina will stay in touch. But going back to the film, as Shruti and Jagga, we have stayed with them for three and a half years. So, if these characters are loved and people really take to this character, then we will miss them more and will come back with a sequel as we are trying to make this as a franchise and hopefully we will receive that kind of love and acceptance for us to take this forward.” Well, that’s a relief for all Ranbir-Katrina fans who love their on-screen presence and would want to see them again together in real and reel life.

As we said, Jagga Jasoos is Ranbir’s debut as producer but while talking about production, he says that it’s not a natural progression for him, which has definitely shocked us as he comes from a family that boasts of strong actors and successful filmmakers. Hence, it is natural for us to think that the Kapoor scion is keeping up the legacy of his grand father Raj Kapoor, who is one of the biggest Bollywood filmmakers even today. But for Ranbir that wasn’t the case. He clarified, “No nothing like that. I don’t take that kind of pressure or responsibility. Anurag Basu and me wanted to collaborate again after Barfi. And we just thought we have an idea that we both love and this is a universal film, so we just decided to produce it.”

This is for the second time after Barfi that the director-actor duo of Ranbir and Anurag are coming together. For someone who has loved Barfi and has seen it over and over again, it’s impossible to not look for similarities in terms of the treatment with Jagga Jasoos. But Ranbir completely denied of any connect between his characters in Jagga Jasoos and Barfi, asserting of a stark difference in its story treatment.

“It’s very different. You might be finding the film’s texture similar, especially after looking at the trailer and songs, but the characters are extremely different. Barfi was predominantly a silent film while Jagga is musical. My character in this film stammers, that’s why he sings,” answers Ranbir.

As he ends the conversation with us, he says that Jagga Jasoos is nothing less than all those fairy tales of Disney that we’ve grown up watching and believing. “Beauty and The Beast, Bambi, Sleeping Beauty… All these films stayed with me. They stayed with me as a child and even now they entertain us. Jagga Jasoos is in the same genre. It will entertain the audience just like Disney films.”

Well, we wish Jagga and Jughead, aka Ranbir and Katrina all the very best for their film which is set to release on July 14. Until then, Ranbir is allowed to do his ‘Galti Se Mistake.’

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