Katrina Kaif makes a sacrifice to let Ranbir Kapoor shine in Jagga Jasoos? Ullu ka Pattha Song Making .

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katrina kaif had to go slow with her dance moves so that ranbir kapoor can catch up. how sweet!

Katrina Kaif is an amazing dancer. There is no two ways about it. Whenever she has moved to the beats of a song, it has turned into a rage. There is seriously no match to her on the dance floor. We couldn’t take our eyes off her when she danced to Kala Chashma or Chikni Chameli or even Sheila Ki Jawaani for that matter. The latter even set the trend of such sexy dance numbers in films. And the fact that she is unmatched seemed to have become a bit of an issue with Katrina on the sets of Jagga Jasoos. Yes, it definitely has everything to do with Ranbir Kapoor. This making video of the song ‘Ullu ka pattha’ has the actress explaining what all she had to do to let Ranbir ‘shine’.

Katrina said, “When you are dancing with novices, the key is you have to try and slow it down and support them. So I am slowing it down as much as I can so that Jagga can keep up with me”. There are scenes where Ranbir is trying his best with the moves while Katrina is effortless. At one point, she is even seen helping him out with his steps.

Katrina further added, “Sometimes I just overshine the shot so much that, Dada (Anurag Basu) will be like Katrina, thoda down, thoda down. Sometimes you just keep yourself under control to allow the other person to shine. Sometimes you got to just sacrifice so that the other person can come out stronger and get their confidence back. I am generous that way. I was kind of accidentally making mistakes.”
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