Anupam Kher to play Manmohan Singh in his biopic: Top revelations from ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ book we wish to see in the film

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The biopic will have Anupam Kher playing the titular role, which is being scripted by Hansal Mehta.

Anupam Kher will be playing Manmohan Singh in an upcoming film based on Sanjaya Baru’s 2014 controversial book ‘The Accidental Prime Minister: The Making and Unmaking of Manmohan Singh’. The book created a political storm at the time of release and cast a light on the manner in which UPA functioned during its rule in the first term. The biopic’s first look is set to be unveiled on Wednesday, and its makers are of the view that it’ll be a “political drama grander than Richard Attenborough’s Academy award-winning Gandhi.”

The biopic will have Anupam Kher playing the titular role, which is being scripted by Hansal Mehta. Sanjaya, in his book, claimed that Manmohan did not have the complete authority over PMO and ignored the corruption plaguing the Congress party. But how many of these revelations will actually be a part of the movie? Before you watch the film’s first look, here’s a little refresher on why the book was controversial and four big revelations by Sanjaya Baru that cinefans expect to make it through the film’s script.

1. Manmohan Singh ignored the corruption by his colleagues in Congress

Sanjaya Baru claimed that while Manmohan was honest, he did little to stop the corruption by his colleagues in Congress. “In other words, he was himself incorruptible, and also ensured that no one in his immediate family ever did anything wrong, but he did not feel answerable for the misdemeanours of his colleagues and subordinates. In practice, this meant that he turned a blind eye to the misdeeds of his minister,” Sanjaya wrote in the book.

2. Manhoman Singh did not want to project his image and let Rahul Gandhi take credit for extending MGNREGA policy

Sanjaya wrote in his book, “The Congress party’s obsession with giving the entire credit for MGNREGA to the Gandhi family reached a point where it may have actually embarrassed the family. When I tried to correct the impression, I found myself in a spot of trouble.”

3. Prime Minister did not want to become more popular than Sonia Gandhi

Sanjaya claims that Manmohan Singh was almost relieved when a TV channel opinion poll said that he was less popular than Sonia Gandhi.

“His problem always was that he did not want to become more popular with the media and the general public than Sonia. Whenever a TV channel or news magazine conducted an opinion poll and showed that his popularity, while rising, was a few notches below that of Sonai, he would feel relieved. “Good,” he would say, with a mischievous smile,” Sanjaya wrote.

4. Pranab Mukherjee would forget to brief the PM on his meetings

“After returning from an important visit to Washington DC, Pranab chose not to brief the PM for three days. He had gone to see Sonia Gandhi but had not sought an appointment with Dr Singh. How could the foreign minister not have briefed the PM immediately on return? Similarly, Pranab would forget to brief the PM on his meetings with the Left, ” Sanjaya wrote in the book.

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