Koffee With Karan: Aamir Khan reveals what a girl needs to do to get close to him, watch video

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Aamir Khan and his Dangal daughters are coming on Karan Johar's Koffee With Karan and this is Aamir Khan like we have never seen him before. Wife Kiran Rao, please take note.
How do you perceive Aamir Khan? As a serious guy who brooks no nonsense. As the Mr Perfectionist who will weigh his every answer. As the man who will give measured, heavy responses.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, be prepared to get shocked. Aamir is coming on Karan Johar’s Koffee With Karan and keeping with the show’s irreverent tone, has dropped his serious persona. If you are shocked by the transformation, so are his Dangal ‘daughters’ Fatima Sana Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra. Both of them are sharing the Koffee couch with him and you can hear them saying, “Which is this side we are seeing today,” and “Yeh sunne se pehle ham mar kyun nahi gaye?” Aamir has an answer to that as well, “You guys don’t know what hidden talents I have.”
So, what brought about these shocked reactions? Aamir Khan as you have never seen him before. When Karan asks the actor what a girl needs to do to get close to his heart, Aamir playfully replies, “Just get close to me… I will do the rest.”
Aamir’s appearance on the show came as a volte face after he had said he will not be promoting Dangal on TV shows. The actor had said, “We will, of course, promote Dangal on TV but not on TV shows. TV is an important medium for us. I have a different logic. There are two aspects of marketing – one is to inform people about film’s release date and the other is creating a desire amongst them to watch the movie. Being part of a big TV show doesn’t ensure that people will watch your movie. Instead, our goal is to create a desire. Sometimes disappearing can create a desire.” This is the second appearance of Aamir on the show. He had last appeared with wife Kiran Rao.
There is this and more that is coming your way next Sunday. Stay tuned to find out more about what Aamir and his Dangal team is up to on Karan’s show.

Up next, @aamir_khan will be here to wrestle with Karan Johar's personal questions! 
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