Dia Mirza celebrates 35th birthday, says glad of conquering new horizon with Salaam Mumbai

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In Indo-Iranian film Salaam Mumbai, Dia Mirza plays the role of a girl who is quite the opposite of how she is in real life.

Dia Mirza celebrates her 35th birthday today.

Dia Mirza who celebrates her 35th birthday today is in a happy space both professionally and personally. While she is looking forward to celebrating her birthday with husband Sahil Sangha in Mumbai, on the professional front it is the overwhelming response received for her Indo-Iranian film Salaam Mumbai that makes her happy.

Talking exclusively to indianexpress.com, Dia said, “I am just blown away by the kind of love I am getting from Iran. I have a deep connect with Iran. When I was growing up, my father had told me how he had travelled all the way to India from Munich by land. He had travelled to Iran and Afghanistan before coming to India. He was an architect and also a photographer. He did a lot of workshops in Iran. So that country held a lot of intrigue for me. When this movie offer came in, it was like life coming a full circle as I was getting an opportunity to go back to the land that my father had a deep connect with.”

Elaborating on the other factors that prompted her to sign the movie, Dia said, “The opportunity to explore new horizons, to reach out to a new audience is what motivated me to sign the film. Iranians love watching Hindi films. The producers were keen to cast me as I have a good amount of popularity there and I was also excited about reaching out to a whole new set of Iranian audience and making inroads into their hearts.”

In the film, Dia plays the role of a girl who is quite the opposite of how she is in real life. “The character I play — that of Karishma — is unlike how I am in real life. I am too feisty, too fearless and too independent and have been so for most of my life. I became financially independent very early in my life. But my character Karishma is controlled by her parents. She doesn’t have too much independence. She has been coaxed into a marriage that she is unhappy about. She meets this Iranian boy and they fall in love and the consequences of that relationship is what the film is all about.”

Dia’s co-star in the movie is the handsome Iranian actor Mohammed Reza Golar, popularly called the SRK of Iran. Talking about her experience of working with him, Dia said, “He is gorgeous. I had all my friends messaging me and saying can I come and visit you on sets. I think because of their culture they have a certain formality that they maintain. He was quite formal, charming and considerate. We didn’t share a backslapping relationship.”

On the Bollywood front, Dia is all set to announce her next project as an actress. “I will make the official announcement in January next year. I am excited about the film. ”

As she celebrates her birthday, the pretty actress says it is hubby Sahil’s surprise that she is looking forward to. “He has told me to wake up early in the morning. Maybe he has a surprise planned for me and will be taking me out somewhere,” said Dia before signing off.
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