3 years! It took Yuvraj Singh over 36 months to win Hazel Keech’s heart

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Did you know Yuvraj Singh had to wait for almost three years to get in touch with Hazel Keech just to go out on a coffee date? Yes, you read that right. It took a year for Yuvraj to actually to get to her. Yuvraj and Hazel are going to appear on The Kapil Sharma Show soon.. and Kapil somehow managed to get some interesting details about how the duo met. For the first three years, he kept trying to get her to meet him for coffee. She would agree every time he messaged her, but on the appointed day, she would switch off her phone and not turn up. But Yuvi was hell-bent on meeting her. Just like we stalk our crushes on social media and try getting in touch with them either via Facebook or Instagram, Yuvraj Singh too did the same. He became friends with Hazel Keech on social media and it took Yuvraj over a year, with some help from a common friend, to finally get to meet her in person. Phew! And that’s how it all began. If you thought that was the end of Yuvraj’s struggle, it took him more time to take her for a coffee date or even to convince Hazel to say “yes” when he proposed marriage to her. Whattay task! But it has all has paid off now.. Look at how happy they seem together! While Yuvraj has already appeared on Kapil’s show before, this will be Hazel’s first time.

After Hazel accepted his proposal, Yuvraj met her parents and just like her, they were also absolutely clueless about the cricketer’s achievements. Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech have always been open about their love affair. We were among the first ones to tell you that Hazel and Yuvi will be tying the knot in December. Yuraj’s mother spilled the beans on the December wedding. “It will happen in the first week of December. I will make an announcement soon,” she said. She further stated that the wedding will be a grand affair. The wedding nuptials will take place in the capital city followed by a reception. Hazel’s mother is from Uttar Pradesh, hence UP rituals will also be followed. But there may not be any function in Mumbai, she said.

They got engaged in Bali and since then there has been no stopping these two from sharing their cute pics on social media. The couple keeps updating about their personal lives to their fans through their social media accounts individually.”When quizzed on the show she didn’t even know against which team Yuvraj had hit his famous six sixes in an over. When Kapil mentioned that it was against England, she was surprised as she is British herself and Yuvraj joked that he has stopped discussing cricket with her,” added a source.

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