Review : KGF Movie Yash's formidable presence is the icing on the cake in this thrilling gangsta period flick

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After Yash, the biggest attraction in KGF is the production design

The trailer of KGF had caught my attention and I was very curious to watch a gangsta flick with the backdrop of mining. After all, some of India's notoriously powerful men come from the mining hubs of the country. Though it is not a historical documentary, KGF does refer to the existing social and political milieu of the nation to take the tale ahead. Yash is in top form as the dreaded henchman of a Mumbai Shetty ganglord who wants to own the world. He gets an assignment to eliminate the feared mining kingpin Garuda who rules over a confined gold excavation hub in the most despotic manner. Will Yash aka Rocky succeed in his mission? Well, you have to watch the film for that....

What's it about?

The film tells the tale of a migrant boy who comes to Mumbai after losing his mom, who lived near the Kolar Gold Fields. He is instantly attracted to the world of crime as it spells power. After becoming the numero uno gangsta in the city, he gets a prized assignment. A Nexus of gang lords bring him to Bangalore to eliminate Garuda, the mining kingpin who is as ruthless as they come. However, his world is an impregnable fortress, a mining concentration camp that Rocky needs to break into...

What's hot

Yash is in scintillating form as the cocky badass gangster who can also prove that he is a man with class. The actor is intense, formidable and smouldering in every frame. He does not let go of the larger-than-life character in any frame. Prashanth Neel's screenplay is a non-linear one and keeps you engrossed. It takes you through the character's journey from the fifties to the eighties. After Yash, the biggest attraction is the production design. The town of Narachi, which is inspired by the fabled El Dorado is painstakingly created. The cinematography is top-notch. Shivakumar and Bhuvan Gowda have done a fab job. Ravi Basrur's background score elevates the stylishly choreographed action sequences.

What's not...

While the makers have a leading lady Srinidhi Shetty, there is no romatic track whatsoever. The second half is a little lengthy, especially the song where the man sings for a messiah to come and save the tortured labourers of KGF. However, these are just minor glitches.


Bollywood has made heroes out of many gangsters and this role should be a landmark one for Kannada superstar Yash. Engrossing content, super production values and an interesting premise for chapter two makes this a tantalising gangster flick.

Rating:3 out of 5

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