Men In Black International Trailer: Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson are badass in the new MIB

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The first trailer of the Men in Black International, a reboot, starring Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson has finally hit the web and the Thor: Ragnarok co-stars look badass – watch video.

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson star in the Men in Black reboot
They dazzled you with their chemistry in Thor: Ragnarok, now they are back, but not as gods or superheroes, but as agents who hunt down the alien and look badass doing it. We are talking about Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, as the first trailer for the upcoming Sony Pictures movie Men in Black: International dropped on the web. And it has taken the internet by storm as fans can’t stop gushing over the Ragnarok co-stars and how awesome they look together.

Check out the trailer below:
While the trailer doesn’t divulge into the story of the film, but we get a lot of shots of action set-pieces and both Hemsworth and Thompson look dreamy in their black suits, high-tech guns and sexy shades. This film, fourth in the MIB franchise is suppose to be a spin-off of the Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith series. According to the trailer, this one is based out of MIB’s branch in England and Thompson and Hemsworth are British agents M and H.

Emma Thompson revives her role as Agent 0 from the last Men In Black movie (MIB 3) and makes a prominent mark in the trailer dangling the nostalgia value of the film. Meanwhile, Liam Neeson plays the British head of the organisation who is the one overseeing proceedings for the organisation internationally and both Chris and Tessa work under his supervision.

Their initial meeting is decidedly anti-climactic but soon enough, they agents are loitering around across the planet taking down the bad aliens. The film has been shot in many countries across the globe including Morocco, Italy, and New York in addition to England. 
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