Loveyatri movie review: Debutants Aayush Sharma and Warina Hussain show promise but the sketchy script and direction don't!

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Planning on watching Loveyatri? Read our review before booking your tickets.

You've heard the songs on the radio, you've grooved to Badshah's rap as well, it is now time to see if Loveyatri will take over the box office as the movie hits the cinemas today. Salman Khan launches Aayush Sharma and Warina Hussain in the most colourful movies of the year directed by Abhiraj Minawala. But is it worth your time? Read our review and decide...

What's it about?

Loveyatri tells the tale of Sushrut aka Susu, a boy from Vadodara, who loves Garba so much that he wants to start a Garba academy. The Navratri star meets the love of his life Michelle, from London, during a Garba function and falls head over heels for her. Susu's mama, played by Ram Kapoor, helps him get his girl. Love paints the Navratri red as the two love birds explore Vadodara through the nine days.

When Michelle's rich father Sam, played by Ronit Roy, finds out about their affair, he creates a misunderstanding between the two. She returns to London and decides to not contact Susu. But, Susu finds his way to reach London and tries to win her love back. Does he succeed? You'll have to watch the movie for that.

What's hot?

Loveyatri is the perfect Navratri release. It is packed with festive spirit, Garba songs that will definitely rule the nine-day festival and is low on drama. The movie packs in some unmissable Salman references. Keep an eye for multiple throwbacks to his iconic scenes, songs and posters.

The first half explores the many elements of Navratri while the second half tries to focus on the story and packs in a few laughs. The two lead stars have a good screen presence. Aayush shows that he's here to be star and with more support and help he can definitely fine-tune his skills. The supporting cast of the friends who play Negative and Rocket have good comic timing and bring out the chuckles in the first half. Also the special cameo by Arbaaz and Sohail in the end will get you nostalgic and make you remember Hello Brother! The production values are high and the film looks rich and dazzles with its elaborate sets and costumes.

What's not?

The story is extremely weak and predictable. While the movie establishes the base of the story somehow in the first half, it starts losing direction in the second half. Ronit is supposed to be an authoritative father but there is no soul to the character, I wanted to invest in his relationship with his daughter but there is hardly any material worth exploring. Several scenes also felt like a mix of numerous decade old movies. While Mama helped Susu get the girl in a way I saw Aman and Rohit's 6 din ladki in, in Kal Ho Na Ho, I couldn't help but remember the climax of Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na when the Khan brothers make an entry.

If that wasn't a throwback enough, from Aayush's musical entry to flaunting his badly spray tanned abs, the movie is filled with everything we have already seen and kissed goodbye to.

The movie features some CGI effects - in one scene Susu takes Michelle on a ride through the streets of Vadodara wherein he rides on a CGI illustrated pavement and in another, he grows wings to convey that he has fallen in love - which don't fit properly into the movie. In the second half, there is a scene between Sam and Susu near the London Eye wherein you could spot lazy editing.

BL Verdict

Aayush and Warina show promise and Loveyatri delivers as a festive, feel good film. Watch it if you've loved the music and are curious to see how these newcomers have fared.

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