Sui Dhaaga: Made In India movie review: Varun Dhawan-Anushka Sharma's film is made with a lot of love and should be watched for its message

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Made in India and made with love, Sui Dhaaga needs to be watched for its endearing message
Stories and narratives set in small towns, with a rustic flavour, have become an instant favourite with not just filmmakers but also the audience. There is something special in going beyond the paraphernalia and sparkle of an urban setting and diving deep into the hearts of small towns and villages, where stories have more heart and less dazzle. Director Sharat Katariya, who made the immensely likeable Dum Laga Ke Haisha, returns to familiar ground with Sui Dhaaga. This time the struggle is not to break stereotypes but to believe that the smallest of dreams, even if they are ‘made in India’ can get an international platform.

What’s it about

Mauji (Varun Dhawan) and Mamta (Anushka Sharma) play the husband-wife jodi from a small town, who have always led their life believing that destiny defines the course of their life. Until circumstances change Mauji’s mind and make him realise that self respect and being self reliant comes before anything else. As the title suggests, Sui Dhaaga (a tailoring enterprise into making garments) becomes the channel for Mamta and Mauji to realise their dreams and brave the odds, showcasing the infinite perseverance of the human spirit.

What’s hot

The names Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma don’t exactly scream small town or rustic. The challenge therein is to watch these actors shed their cosmopolitan images and swag and take on characters that bear no resemblance to their real-life image. Isn’t that what actors are supposed to do? Become new faces, people, imbibe personalities and traits that are new to them? Both Varun and Anushka score well on the performance charts, given the fact that they had to speak a dialect and become these helpless and vulnerable characters. Varun, especially, with his likeable charm and boyish appeal, wins you over in a remarkable scene in the first half, where he’s made to become a dog by his employer much to the dismay of his wife, who watches her husband lose every bit of his self respect. There are several such moments in the film where Varun goes beyond what is expected and truly becomes Mauji. Anushka holds her ground and has her moment in a scene where she narrates the hopes and dreams of her husband to someone who wants to con her. Varun and Anushka are an odd pair and that perhaps works in favour of the film. Raghuvir Yadav and Yamini Dass, who play Mauji’s parents amp up the drama and humour in the film. Sharat Katariya creates enough turbulence in Mauji and Mamta’s life to get us to empathise with them on a deeper level. Despite knowing where the second half and climax are headed you stay invested in their story arc, which changes with every second scene. Special mention to the costume department for making not just the leads but every actor look and feel the part.

What’s not

The music could have definitely been better. There aren’t any memorable tunes or a theme track that stays with you once you leave the theatre. While this is a cliched complaint but yes the second half does drag its feet and become lethargic. The climax is a tad bit unbelievable and feels forced. We are rooting for the underdog but the sudden and drastic cosmetic transformation of Mauji’s parents is a bit hard to digest. Like I mentioned, the end isn’t much of a surprise and the momentum leading up to the climax could have easily been better. You also need to have an open mind and brace yourself to watch your favourite actors in a different look and setting. Varun and Anushka deserve a pat on their back in putting 100 per cent into characters that are flawed.

What to do

Sui Dhaaga is simplicity at its best. It champions the cause of the human spirit and reaffirms your faith in bringing every small dream into existence. Made in India and made with love, Sui Dhaaga needs to be watched for its endearing message.

Rating:3 out of 5

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