Cuckoo! There’s a reason behind Rajinikanth's Chitty making this sound throughout 2.0 - read EXCLUSIVE details

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2.0 Teaser: Hey guys, there is a hidden clue in the banter between Akshay and Rajinikanth

The teaser of 2.0 is out today and it has evoked mixed reactions. While some are upset with the below average VFX and CGI, Bollywood buffs are moaning about the barely there presence of action star Akshay Kumarin the film. After all, this is the first time Akshay is working with Rajinikanth and everyone expected more. We have seen that Rajini aka Chitty robot makes a Cuckoo noise in the film. It annoys Akshay Kumar i.e. the crow a lot. It seems whenever Akki will be in a crow form, Rajinikanth will annoy him with that noise. It is a major highlight of the film.

Well, it could be having its origins in the age-old story of the crow and the cuckoos. We know that cuckoos lay their eggs in a crow's nest when the bird is missing. It tends to destroy a couple of eggs of the host bird and lays its own. We are guessing that Chitty will tease the crow reminding him that he is smarter as he is the cuckoo. It looks like we will hear this noise after some heavy-duty dialoguebaaazi between the two. Directed by Shankar S, the film is produced by Lyca Productions and distributed by Dharma Productions in North India like Baahubali. The film has been made over a budget of Rs 550 crores. Raju Mahalingam, creative head of Lyca Productions, earlier said, "As of now we have only 1,500 3D screens in India as opposed to over 10,000 in China. We hope to have more screens converted into 3D and ready for the release of 2.0."

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