2.0 teaser: Chitti Rajinikanth returns to vanquish the menacing Akshay Kumar in this visual extravaganza - watch video

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2.0 teaser is here and we just can't have enough of it.
Finally, the teaser of 2.0 is here. The wait for the same has been pretty long what with the film aiming for a release in Diwali last year. Although it left us wanting for more, it was exactly what we thought it would be. The film is made at a budget of over Rs 500 crore. We told you earlier how it has gotten bigger than even

Baahubali. Akshay Kumar had earlier revealed the budget of the film calling it a 75 million dollar wonder. Now finally the teaser is here...

Rajinikanth returns as Chitti, the robot made by a scientist which had become devilish in the first part. He even falls for his master's girl, played by Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. This time he has an opponent which is more evil than he ever was. It's a bird creature but as is strongly believed, Akshay Kumar doesn't play a shape-shifting crow. Earlier a poster of his character made it evident that he is a lot menacing than that. In the teaser, it seems Chitti has got a makeover. His scientist master returns too, so you have two Rajinikanth in one film once again. Akshay is going to set many benchmarks with this one film even though we see so less of him in the teaser. He has done something no mainstream hero has ever thought of.

Check out the teaser here...
Hindi teaser 
Shankar Shanmugham (@shankarshanmugh) September 13, 2018
2.0 has been one of the most anticipated films especially because it's a sequel to Robot (2010). Rajinikanth as Chitti has become everyone's favourite. To add to the hype, it has Akshay Kumar playing the villain's role. It had only amplified interest in it. Apart from him, no mainstream A-list Bollywood actor had done a negative role in a South film. He has already inspired Ajay Devgn to take up villainy in Kamal Haasan's Indian II.
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