You will be surprised at the striking resemblance between the namesakes of Karan Johar’s life – view pic

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Karan rightly points out that his father and son are namesakes
Karan Johar is a proud daddy and his posts are proof of just how much in love he is with his twins – Yash and Roohi Johar. The filmmaker takes to his social media often to share some amazing pictures of his tots and we can’t help but wonder what a doting daddy he is. From fawning over them on social media to throwing lavish parties on their birthday – Karan is a hands on dad and it shows.
Now, he has taken to his Instagram account once again to share a picture of himself with his son, Yash. What makes the picture even more interesting is the fact that there are framed pictures of Karan’s father, Yash, in the background too. So, there are three generations of the Johars in one picture. How amazing is that! It is indeed very thoughtful of Karan to take such a picture, isn’t it? Check out the post right here…
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Karan rightly points out that his father and son are namesakes. That was the whole idea, in fact, behind calling the son, Yash. Karan wanted to name him after his father. As for Roohi, it is derived from Karan’s mother’s name, Hiroo. We just love as to how much thought has Karan put into naming his babies.

Karan loves spending time with his twins. He is yet to take them to his office. When asked about it, he had said, “They’re too small and travelling might get uncomfortable for them. But they will come with me to the office, eventually.” 

Moreover, he has made their own nursery at his office. He said, “I made it so that even when I’m working they feel at home and are comfortable. It’s also a way of keeping them close to me.”
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