Sonam Kapoor – Anand Ahuja wedding: All that you need to know about the groom

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Sonam Kapoor's would-be-husband is a man of many accomplishments

It is official and finally confirmed. Today, the Kapoor and Ahuja families announced that the marriage of Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja is indeed happening in the city on May 8. Their official statement read, “The Kapoor and Ahuja families, take great joy and pride, in announcing the marriage of Sonam and Anand. The wedding will take place on the 8th of May in Mumbai . Since it is an intimate affair , we request you to respect the family’s need for privacy. Thank you for all your blessings and love,as we celebrate this special moment in our lives.” The two have been dating since more than two years and seem to be made for each other.  In the past few months, we saw how Anand was a constant fixture in all the Kapoor family functions. We know that he is a Delhi-based entrepreneur and the owner of the label, Bhane. Here are some more details about the handsome and enterprising groom…

Anand has spent his childhood in Delhi. He studied at the American Embassy School and pursued higher business studies from the Wharton School of the University of Pennysylvania. He has done his internship in in Seattle, USA. He loves sneakers, basketball and Mexican food. He belongs to the family that owns Shahi Exports, reportedly the biggest export house of India. It is owned by Harish Ahuja his father. He has worked in Macy’s Inc, Amazon.Com and Deutsche Bank before he plunged into his own business.

He is a complete go-getter. Instead of going the regular route, he decided to plunge into manufacturing after realising his passion for design and entrepreneurship. In an interview to a youth portal, he once said, “It wasn’t always smooth sailing though. Coming from a family that owned and operated a successful brand of apparel, I set very high expectations for the business. There was constant pressure to achieve these, and there were days when I would come down very hard on myself for not matching certain preconceived standards of success that my legacy had left me with. I was hard on the team too, when bhane. did not achieve what I envisioned for it.”

The brand deals mostly in athleisure. He is close friend of Pernia Qureshi, who has been Sonam’s stylist. Buzz is that they met in 2014 and he proposed to her months after. His family is also known to make news. Harish Ahuja made headlines when he brought a Delhi bungalow for 173 crore in the plush Prithviraj Road area. Anand’s own property valuation is around Rs 3,000 crore. He serves as the Managing Director of Shahi Exports. The turnover of the company is at $450 million.

The handsome man is passionate about sneakers and owns India’s first sneakers only store. Well-educated, ambitious and a thorough gentleman, there is no doubt why Anand waltzed his way into Sonam’s heart to finally become her husband-to-be.

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