Solo: A Star Wars Story movie review: This exciting heist film answers a lot of questions about Han’s origins

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Solo: A Star Wars Story might be a prequel, origin story and part of a beloved franchise on the surface, but it is one marvellous standalone heist film.

Truth be told, the only Star Wars movie I have watched is The Phantom Menace, and I loved it. Just not enough to follow the franchise by heart. I felt judged when Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother gasped in horror and disgust when he learnt someone had not watched Star Wars. Well, here I am, hopefully starting my journey with Solo: A Stars Wars Story. I watched the movie and quite enjoyed it. I would not know if it is up to the benchmark set by Star Wars, but as a standalone movie, here is how it fares…

What’s it about

Solo: A Star Wars Story narrates the story of Han, the character played by Harrison Ford in the previous movies, and by Alden Ehrenreich here. We learn his story from when he was a young man. We get to know how he got his last name, how he got his ship, how he met his BFF Chewbacca and his first big heist.

What’s hot

There is a robot named L3-37 who belongs to…I am sorry…who is a partner of  Lando Calrissian (Donald Grover). She – yes, for some reason the droid has a gender – is absolutely pathbreaking of a character. She is a droid who demands equality and liberation and fights for it. Thus also triggers some of the best moments of laughter in the movie. In fact, I really liked the humour the entire movie had to offer. Alden has a good comic timing and his unabashed confidence helps.

Alden is also very charming! Emilia Clarke shines. She looked as if she was dressed to attend Cannes Film Festival but instead landed on the sets to shoot action sequences.

Solo: A Star Wars Story might be a prequel, origin story and part of a beloved franchise on the surface, but it is one marvellous standalone heist film. I was on the edge of my seat as I saw the team pulling off the heist. The background score byJohn Powell helps the case a lot. Of course, we have a come a long way since The Phantom Menace and hence the VFX has improved a hell lot.

Also, a mild spoiler, I got really really excited to see a familiar villain in the film. I was happt that someone I know made an appearance in the film.

What’s not

I was really really looking forward to seeing a lightsaber battle. But makers decided not to have one here. Han’s love story was cut short with everything else going on in the movie. In fact, the romantic part of the film is unimaginably predictable. I feel when you tell an origin story – about why someone is the way they are – you delve into the character’s emotions and psyche. The movie could definitely use some emotional moments. Chewbacca should have been given more screentime.

My biggest complaint is with Alden Ehrenreich and to what this brilliant actor has been reduced to. Once again he has been stereotyped in the character the world has seen him play enough number of times. Can someone please give this man a more daring role to play?

The villain has also been treated shabbily. He is far far away from being a threatening villain that will send a shiver down your spine.

What to do

If you are a fan, you have to watch Solo: A Star Wars story. If you have not been a fan of the franchise, you can begin with this entertaining film.

Rating:2.5 out of 5

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