Naa Peru Surya, Naa Illu India: Here’s what stops Allu Arjun’s film from being a blockbuster hit

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While we laud the maker's efforts, there were a few jarring flaws that stopped this movie from being a great one

Today is a big day for Allu Arjun as his much awaited – Naa Peru Surya hit the theatres today. The movie released in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam (dubbed versions). The film is about a military soldier with temperament issues but the makers revealed nothing further in the teaser and trailer. Fans, critics, celebs were curious to know what Allu Arjun had in store this time especially since the actor went through a drastic transformation for this role. He has never looked leaner, fitter and his chiseled jaw is such a distraction.

After having watched the film, we have to give it off to Vamsi and Allu Arjun for taking on an unusual tale about patriotism, failed relationships, love, character – all in one. When compared to Duvvada Jagannadham, Naa Peru Surya is a story with substance. The film tries to take up relevant themes of character building, neglected relationships, lost patriotism and creates a stir. It tries to inculcate a theme of patriotism through a failed relationship between a father and son. No doubt it was an unusual story that holds true to the saying – ‘Not the destination but it’s the journey that matters at the end of the day’. While we laud the maker’s efforts, there were a few jarring flaws that stopped this movie from being a great one. Read on to find out… (SPOILERS ahead)

Too many elements – On one hand, a soldier has taken on a challenge to get the professor’s signature so that he can join the Army. A retired soldier is fighting against a local goon so that his land won’t be taken away from him. On the other other hand, a father and son are trying to fix their estranged relationship. That’s not all – The story is also exploring the importance of a true character. That’s too many elements in one story and somehow this has diluted the effect of this film.

A drag story – If only the makers could have handled the last twenty minutes better, there would have been a lot more to appreciate. After two and a half hours which can already be termed as a drag, the movie went downhill as it tried to propagate patriotism in an over dramatic fashion. It crossed the ‘border’ (pun intended) of being a good film and headed to the bad side. 

Sketchy antagonists – We have one glaring question for the makers – what was Thakur Anoop Singh doing in the film? Why did he have to pose as Challa’s son? How did he make a difference to this plot? Except for his bouncy, shiny hair, Anoop Singh will NOT be missed. Whether it was in Singham or in Naa Peru Suryaa, he has not proved to be a promising antagonist. His role could have easily been played by somebody else. Initially Challa’s character seemed formidable and intimidating but two hours later, he was in despair and lost his purpose in the film. Poorly written villain characters dampened the effect to a great deal.

Over dramatic – Drama is good but when it comes a little extra, that’s when the problem begins. Cut the extra jazz out and you will have with you a clean film with stirring emotions. The last half an hour binged on drama and left us waiting for the film to get over!

Scene jerks – With so many elements to explore, the film at certain instances feels jerky. It doesn’t feel like a seamless experience that one can enjoy fully

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