Naa Peru Surya movie review: Allu Arjun is a show-stealer in this unusual tale about patriotism, failed relationships and love

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Check out the full review of Allu Arjun's Naa Peru Surya

Bunny fans have long been waiting for this day as Allu Arjun’s much-awaited film, Naa Peru Surya, finally hit theatres. The film will release in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. The film marks Vamsi’s debut and also stars Anu Emmanuel. The teaser and trailer promises the story of a military guy but there is an air of mystery around this patriotic tale. It will finally unfold today. So is Naa Peru Surya nothing like you expected? Has Allu Arjun surprised again? Read on to find out…

What’s it about

Naa Peru Surya is about a solider named Surya, whose only dream is to fight at the border and defend his country for life. But this extremely talented soldier has major temperament issues. When he gets angry, nobody can stop him. He loses his temper when something morally wrong is taking place. One such incident costs him his place at the army. The Chief gives him one last chance on the condition that he receives a signature from one of the top psychology professors stating he is fit to be in the Army. But getting this professor’s stamp of approval is no joke because he happens to be Surya’s father. Ten years ago, Surya had left the house in anger and never returned. And now here is, trying to build a relationship just to win his approval. The neglected, bitter relationship between the two comes out in the open. Will Surya manage to control his temper and get the signature? Will Surya return to fulfilling his dream? The rest of the story unravels the answers. 

What’s hot

We have all seen Allu Arjun on screen countless times but this time it’s different. For starters, his chiselled, lean physique is such a distraction, teamed with a strong jawline and the crew cut. Even the eyebrow with a scar adds character to his avatar. He looks the part of a military officer, fit to take on any challenge. One can tell that strenuous prep has gone into achieving the look. Coming to his role of a solider with temperament issues…there is something raw, honest and transparent about his performance. This is not a typical, massy role, where he is expected to beat up everybody on sight. He is expected to go through varied emotions to play a complex character. And he pulls it off with ease – from playing the angry military officer to a romantic guy to a man who confronts his past to a man caught in a conflict. There is a restrain and maturity in his performance. For a directorial debut, Vamsi has outdone himself. Along with narrating an unusual tale, he made sure Allu Arjun’s star persona is celebrated on screen. The story is very interesting as they try to blend together a patriotic theme with a story of a lost, neglected man. The songs are soulful and melodious. It’s an unusual tale of patriotism, true character, lost relationships. The dialogues enhance the story overall.

What’s not

If only the last twenty minutes could have been handled better. After a point, the film dragged on without a cause. The role of the antagonist was poorly written. We are still wondering what was Thakur Anoop Singh doing in the film. Apart from his shiny bouncy mane, his character was easily replaceable. One of the songs came at the wrong moment but Telugu cinema will never be without song and dance, so we might as well accept that. And considering it’s Allu Arjun on the dance floor, it doesn’t feel like a waste of time. 

What to do

If you are an Allu Arjun fan, don’t miss the film as you get to watch the Telugu star in action in an unusual film. If nothing, watching Allu Arjun beating thugs to pulp is a treat alright!

Rating:3 out of 5



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