Taimur is back after 10 days and let’s admit it, didn’t we all miss him?

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Welcome back Taimur Ali Khan!

You see, Kareena Kapoor Khan’s baby Taimur has become such an important part of our lives that we actually counted the number of days he was missing in action. The last we saw him was back on April 10, outside his school with his nanny after which, he completely disappeared. Neither did he attend his school nor did we get to spot him playing at a park or by the swimming pool. Even last night he didn’t accompany Kareena and Saif to his granny Babita’s birthday, further making us wonder what is he even up to! But there..there…after staying indoors for 10 days, the little bundle of joy is finally here to make our hearts happy.

Wearing an orange checkered tee paired with shorts, Taimur tagged along with Kareena to Karisma’s office this evening. Although he didn’t seem in his cheerful mood but we don’t blame him considering the scorching heat in Mumbai. Probably, that could also be the reason why he remained indoors for these many days because why bear the heat when you have a choice to chill at home!

Who else is happy to spot Taimur after such a long time? Interestingly, Taimur has also got a new nanny this time. Like if you have been following his pictures then you would know how there was this certain nanny who was diligently appointed to take care of Taimur all through the day. But today he was accompanied by a new nanny. You never know, maybe he has an entourage of nannies to look after him through the day. Nevertheless, on that note, guess Taimur has set the mood right for your weekend or did we do it by bringing you his pictures? The purpose is served, anyway.

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