Sanju teaser out! What made Sanjay Dutt say “It’s not a good news for me”? Find out here

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Here's how Sanjay Dutt reacted watching the Sanju teaser starring Ranbir Kapoor
The much awaited teaser of Dutt biopic titled Sanju is out for the world to see and we might as well add, how mind-blowing is it! Ranbir Kapoor as Sanjay Dutt is acing the look and mannerism so brilliantly that few seconds into the teaser and you will be confused if it’s Ranbir or the legend – Sanjay Dutt. We need to give it up to director Rajkumar Hirani for bringing out a masterpiece like this. I mean, if this is the impact that the teaser has left on us then what magic is in store for us once the film hits the screens. No wonder, Sanjay Dutt too couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the teaser of his own life being brought on the big screen. 

At the Sanju teaser launch, Rajkumar Hirani mentioned how Sanjay Dutt reacted the first time he watched the Sanju teaser. ” I showed him a scene in the film, where RK was playing #MunnaBhai. He was quiet, I showed him again n asked if there was anything wrong. He jokingly said “This isn’t good news for me. He was blown away.” Dutt too admitted to this in his video chat which was played during the launch. “I saw the scenes in the film and I can’t believe how Ranbir looks just like me. Raju, don’t take Ranbir in Munna Bhai.”, joked the actor.

Watch Sanjay Dutt’s reaction on Ranbir Kapoor’s Sanju teaser below: 
In case if you haven’t watched the Sanju teaser yet, then check it out below
Ranbir is equally thrilled watching his efforts pay off in the film. Calling it a lifetime experience, Ranbir said how initially he didn’t think he will be able to do this film. But now that he has lived Sanjay Dutt’s life through the film, he says, “I was shocked by his story. I knew him as a family friend, he treated me as a brother. But when I heard about what he went through, the controversies with the gun, the passing away of his mother, his equations with all the girls, I was shocked.”
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