Sanju teaser: 5 whistle-worthy dialogues from the Ranbir Kapoor film that will make you impatient for June 29

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These lines will surely have the audiences clapping
The wait has finally ended. The teaser of the Dutt biopic, which is titled Sanju is here. Twitter is going gaga over how similar Ranbir Kapoor is looking to the Bollywood hunk who survived such tumultuous phases in his life to be a force even today. Indeed, Sanjay’s life is inspiring at many levels and no one better than Ranbir to portray him. We know RK Junior has the raw talent, charisma and looks to woo any film lover and he also has the nuances to step into such a complex character. The teaser bowled us over and we cannot get over the lines delivered with such perfection from Ranbir. The young actor was chosen as the perfect one by Rajkumar Hirani for his looks that fitted the age bracket of 20-50’s and his phenomenal talent. Sanjay Dutt’s life has a lot of angst and we know that Ranbir excels at roles that deal with the woes of existence whether it is Tamasha or Wake Up Sid. There are a few dialogues from the teaser that make you go wow. Here is a look at five lines that we totally loved…
Apna Life Full Saanp-Seedhi Ka Board Hai, Kabhi Up Kabhi Down
Ranbir says this when Sanjay is shown stepping out of the Yerwada Jail in Pune. We can see that he is a religious man with a Mata Ki Chunri in his pocket and a Tilak on his forehead. With the beard and hair, RK Junior gets into the look of a middle-aged Sanju Baba with ease.
Baais Ka Tha, Itna Drugs Kiya Ke Ne Lungs Ne Jawaab De Diya, Doctors Bola Iska Chapter Closed, Lekin Hua Kiya, Aisa Body Banaya Ke Log Muhammad Ali Se Compare Karne Lage
Both Ranbir and Sanjay have an angular face with prominent jawline and forehead. RK Junior aces the rebellious hippie avatar of Sanjay in his younger days with the guitar in his hand. However, what blew us away is the look of Ranbir sweating it out in the gym with that long hair, which would be a craze amongst the youth. The dialogue is a glimpse of the fighter that Sanjay Dutt is, a man who fought all the odds in life.

New York Ke Un Hotelon Main Raha Hoon Jinki Khidkiyon Se Pura Shehar Dikhta Tha, Aur Us Jail Main Bhi Jahan Ek Khidki Nahi Thi, Kab Din Ho Tha Kab Raat No Idea

We know how candidly Sanjay has spoken about his time in the jail when he was kept in solitary confinement due to security reasons and it is heart-wrenching. And we know that he loves to party in exotic locales like St Tropez and South of France in the lap of luxury.

308 Girlfriends Thi Aur Ek AK 56 Rifle
This is indeed a surprising confession, like we mean, 308 girlfriends! Most people do not have even three in one lifetime and 308! Surely, we can expect some interesting revelations in the film.

Eh Kya Beech Main Se Story Suna Raha Hai, Shuru Se Shuru Karte Hain, Chote Tu Start Kar
This is just a tease about how exciting the film is going to be. The makers have made it clear that it is not a propaganda film.
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