Phantom Films to make a trilogy on Mahabharata warrior Ashwathama

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Phantom films has plan to develop the book into trilogy on Ashwathama in a modern context

In the recent times, we have noticed that many production houses are adapting plots and stories from the bestsellers, and Phantom films has just followed suit. The company which is headed by Anurag Kashyap, Vikramaditya Motwane, Madhu Mantena and Vikas Bahl, has acquired the rights of Krishna Udayasankar’s ‘Immortal’ from Hachette India. Immortal is based on the life of Mahabharata warrior Ashwatha. The latter was the son of Dhronacharya, who was the teacher of Pandavas. Lord Krishna had cursed Ashwathama with immortality and life of pain for the sins he did during the epic war.

The production house has plan to develop the book into trilogy on Ashwathama in a modern context. Confirming the news, Madhu Mantena co-founder of the production said in a statement, “We are very proud to announce this magnificent project as a trilogy on Ashwathama in a modern context. It’s a very powerful story written beautifully by Krishna Udayasankar. The concept is something that has not been experienced on the big screen before and that too on such a huge scale. We are very excited to start this journey.”

The film will be the combination of various elements, which will entertain the audience. “A blend of history, myth, and fantasy, immortal narrates the story of Professor Bharadvaj, who is unwittingly pulled into a hunt for the ‘vajra’, believed to have trans-mutative powers that can unlock the secrets of immortality.”

The production house also revealed, the project will be made on a lavish budget and will be larger than life extravaganza. “Our adaptation of the book is beyond fantasy-fiction and will be along the lines of a ‘quest genre’, which will take our hero on an adventure across the sub-continent, much like Indiana Jones. So it will be a big scale film, with both shreds of historical and action-adventure storytelling.”

What’s coming out from the announcement seems to very interesting. But are you excited to watch this fantasy drama on the big screen? Do let us know in your comments below.

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