Coco movie review: This Pixar animation film is heartwarming and a visual treat

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Coco is one film that will ensure you leave the theater with a smile on your face. The Disney/ Pixar animation film is a beautiful story that you must definitely watch with your kids. It’s a visual treat for the audience, makers have outdone themselves with this. It’s colourful, surprising, it’ll make you laugh and cry. Pixar is known for its magnificent animation films like Monster Inc, Finding Nemo, Cars, Inside Out and so on. Though Coco is no different from these movies, it is a pleasant film to watch. Make sure you download all the songs in the film because they’re going to be stuck in your head for a long time.

Every frame in the film will keep you hooked on to the screen and will ensure you get bored even for a second. With Coco, the makers have dealt with afterlife and celebrating Day Of The Dead, which is popularly practiced many cultures. In Mexican culture, it is believed that on this day, our ancestors cross the bridge from their world to ours to be with us. Of course, you will not really feel their presence. But little boy Miguel, voiced by Anthony Gonzalez, makes the trip in reverse and hell breaks loose.

What’s it about

Music is believed to be a curse in Miguel’s family after his great-grandmother, Coco’s father left them to become a famous musician and never returned. Since then the family took to a shoe-making business and banned music from their lives. But Miguel is someone who is inclined towards music and struggles to convince his family to let him play music at all. It is on the Day Of The Dead that Miguel runs away from his family only to run into his ancestors who are almost on their way to cross the bridge to meet the family. Miguel’s adventure is what makes this film worth a watch.

What’s hot

Like every Pixar film, the animation was worth it. The songs in the film, especially Remember Me, were beautifully penned and sung. The makers managed to make the world of the dead look so beautiful and lively. Not to forget, it was colourful and visually appealing. Animated fur-less dog, flying cats with doodles all over them, dead people who are basically just skeletons with clothes walking around, everything about this film was extraordinary.

There are scenes that will make you smile and some that will make you cry but it is worth it. I’d recommend you watch the film in 3D only since the effects stand out better then. Even though there are scenes that involve murder, betrayal and abandonment, the makers have avoided using darker tones which works for us better.

What’s not

Since the music in the film was quite good, I wish there was more of it. The chase sequence in the movie between Miguel and his ancestors could have been edited better.


Do not miss Coco for any reason. It’s a lighthearted film and you’ll definitely enjoy every second of it.

Rating:4 out of 5

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